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After a long bus ride through the suburbs or Colombo from Maradana to Dehiwala (took da 176), finally reached home after an hour and 45mins. Now jst logged into the net and thought of posting this as i havnt posted n e thing for a long time uh!!!

So back to the main topic. Obviously, by now you all must have heard and some even watched the movie called "2012". A movie that uses the Mayan Predictions and other predictions and theories about the 21st december 2012 doomsday to portray what exactly will happen, how the humans, specially the super powers in the world will react to this, and what will happen after the impact!!! Let me tell u this!! THIS IS ONE GOOD KICKASS MOVIE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT MISS TO WATCH AT ANY COST!!!

well... well... well... from what i would say, this movie is a movie that i didnt find any mistake at all or any kind of stupid stuff!!! needless to say it would be a shame to compare this movie with the latest harry potter movie which in my personal opinion sucks at the worst level while this movie is simple flawless!!

a thriller movie mixed with bits of romance, family love, humanity, comedy makes this movie stand out from any other movie!!!

Steven Spilberg became famous and was titled the man with the best imagination after the Lost World movies but now i think this title should be given to Roland Emmerich who is da director of this film!!! MAN!!!! u would see stuff that you wont even imagine and still see it as if it has actually happened!!! ever imagined a tsunami that would even go over the himalayas?? or the Capitol building in US collapsing??? or even more LA just breaking up into pieces??? a volcano thats so big that it creates an effect of a nuclear blast when it busts??

with over $235 million earn till now through ticket sales, the movie is going steadily!!


7.5/10 would be given as marks for this movie!!!

any way, long day, tired and got some other work also to do!!

so untill next time....


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I was just reading the blog of ARV Loshan, Journalist and also Manager of Vettri FM and found this blog post there which i found to b interesting!! jst thought of sharing this with you guys too!!

And all rights for the below post is owned by Loshan anna. Hope he doesnt mind me posting it in here!!

அவசரப்பட்டு காதல் செய்பவன் வேலையில்லாதவன்;
அவசரப்பட்டு கல்யாணம் செய்பவன் மூளையில்லாதவன்.

எத்தனை பழமொழி sms பண்ண ஆசைப்பட்டாலும் phoneல credit இருந்தால் தான் அது deliver ஆகும்.

நாய்க்கு காசிருந்தா நயன்தாராவுக்கு call பண்ணும்.

Hand Phone மலிவானால் ஆவி கூட Phone bill கட்டும்.

ஓசில Iron Box கிடைத்தால் Under wearஜயும் பண்ணி போடுவாங்களாம்.

Duckworth Lewisம் Doctors எழுதுவதும் புரிகிறவர்களுக்குத் தான் புரியும்.

படுத்துகிட்டு தூங்குவானாம் good man
பறந்துகிட்டு தூங்குவானாம் Bat man

விஷாலுக்கு Comedy வராதுன்னு zooல பன்னிக்குட்டிக்கும் தெரியும்.

Power play நேரமே runs எடுத்துக்கோ.

இளிச்சவாயனுக்கு வாழ்வு வந்தா இங்கிலாந்து போய் இடியப்பம் சாப்பிடுவானாம்.

பிச்சைக்காரன் வீட்டுப் பந்திக்கும் முந்து.

Hero கமல் என்றால் heroineக்கு உதட்டில் காய்ச்சல் வரும்.

எறும்புக்கு காலம் வந்தா எருமைக்கிட்ட கூட gameஅ கேட்கும்.

சிம்பு படத்தப் பார்த்தா, செம்பு கூட அழும்.

பாம்பிற்கு காலம் வந்தா பாவனாவ வச்சு படம் எடுக்கும்.

ஆயிரம் ரூபாய்க்கு Trouser வாங்கினாலும் பத்து ரூபா zip தான் மானத்தை காப்பாற்றும்.

குருவி மட்டும் வெள்ளையா இருந்தா கொக்கு கூட தோற்றுப்போகும்.

வல்லவனுக்கு முடியுமா வழுக்கை மண்டையில் போவதற்கு?

பசித்த வயிற்றுக்கு வடித்த கஞ்சியும் பிரியாணி.

சிங்கப்பூர் சீலனுக்கு வாழ்வு வந்தால் சிம்ரனின் இடுப்பைக் கிள்ளுவாராம்.

எலிக்கு phone கிடைத்தால் புலிக்கும் miss call அடிக்குமாம்.

கஞ்சனின் சேமிப்பில் வைத்தியருக்கு பிரியாணி.

எலிக்கு காய்ச்சல் வந்தால் ஜ.நாவிற்கு தலைவலி.

ஓவரா ஆடுனா Australian team கதி தான் உனக்கு.

நேரம் நல்லாயிருந்தா நெத்தலி மீன் கூட நீந்தி விளையாடும்.எலிக்கு காசு வந்தா ஏணி வச்சு குடை பிடிக்கும்.

வரம் கொடுக்கும் பிள்ளையார் எலியில் போகிறார். பூசை கொடுக்கும் பூசாரி Pulsarல போறார்.

தொர சோறுக்கு பிச்சை எடுத்தாராம், தொர சாமி கோதுமை மா ரொட்டி கேட்டாராம்.
if you want you can chk out Loshan anna's blog at

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Movie Review - Aadhavan!!!

First let me wish all my friends a happy dewawali!!

and on that note let me start this.
dewawali. da festival of lights that hindu's around da world celebrate. but long gone is the tradition that they need to stay at home, do all sorts of traditional stuff (no offense meant to n e one k) and wen u c the date of dewawali on ur calender, the first thing dat comes to the mind of n e tamil teenager is the releasing of new movies!! and as said, it was no big difference today as a few movies have been released. one notable movie among these releases is Aadhavan. Produced by Stalin, Directed by K.S.Ravikumar with Surya, Nayantara, Vadivelu, Nasar and a few other big names sharing the screen, this is one movie that is not to b missed i wud say!!

Well first to share my experience on going to watch this movie!! MAN!!! unforgettable!! i bet like my frnd said dat not even the best ruggerite in the world cud have tackled and gone thru dat crowd in there!! but sumhw got thru it and into da show!! altho v were there at 9.30 for da 10.30 show, v got in only 15 mins after da show started!! but dont think v missed much!!

story is pretty simple!! a lost son who gets back to the father inorder to save his father's life!! pretty much an old theme but the way it has been portrayed, the story line, and all gives the movie a good name!! Hariss Jeyaraj with the success of Varanam Aiyiram and Ayan has once again shown his magic with his wonderful tunes!! and who ever it is da cameraman, he has done a pretty good job in capturing da movie beautifully!!

talking abt vadivelu in this movie!! he kind of appears in the screen every 30 or 40 seconds and makes everyone laugh and goes off!! his acting has been really good in this movie and i wud say that after Imsai Arasan, this is da movie that Vadivelu has been brought back into his normal routine!!. nayantara has done her part in da movie!! altho she doesnt take center stage in the movie like surya or vadivelu, she has done her job very well.

ramesh khanna who is also da script writer of da movie is also an extra comedian in this flick!

the most notable in the support roles is Saroja Devi. The yesteryear actress who has acted with notables like MGR and Sivaji has also been included in this!!

one small thing dat da director has messed up in dis movie is da graphics! altho is hard to tell if da graphics sux or not, at certain points it clearly shows dat it does. special mention can b given to da part where surya's face has been morphed with a 10 yr old kid to bring out a 10yr old surya!! this has been messed up a bit as in certain scenes, da graphics clearly shows out!! a person lyk KS.Ravikumar who directed Dhasavataram cud hav done a better job wit da 10 yr old kid wit a few make up than putting it up in graphics!!

all in all da movie is a good movie and can b watched wit the family as it doesnt contain n e scenes lyk in the other suriya's movies(u know who im refering to).

so i wud say go grab urself a ticket and watch it, but if ur going as a family, i wud say u wait for another 2 or 3 days and then go coz this is a surya movie and u know da crowds!!

so long now!! got sum stuff to do!!

untill next time....


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He he!! jst got this thru email so thought of sharing it out!! This guy gotta be kidding!! now this is what you call COINCIDENCE!!

What's in a Name?

A computer error gave two women in America called Patricia the same social security number. When the two women were brought together in an office to rectify the blunder they discovered that
  • They had both been born with the names Patricia Ann Campbell
  • Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell
  • Their birthdays were on 13th March 1941
  • They had both married military men in the year 1959 (within eleven days of each other)
  • They each had two children aged 19 and 21
  • They both had an interest in oil painting
  • Both had studied cosmetics
  • Both had worked as book-keepers 

Bullet With Your Name on It
In 1893, Henry Ziegland ended a relationship with his girlfriend.
Tragically, his girlfriend took the news very badly, became distraught and took her own life.
Her distressed brother blamed his sister's death upon Henry, he went round to Henry's house, saw him out in the garden and tried to shoot him.
Luckily, the bullet only grazed Henry's face and embedded itself in a nearby tree.
In 1913, twenty years after this incident, Henry decided to use dynamite to uproot a tree in his garden. The explosion propelled the embedded bullet from the tree straight into Henry Ziegland's head - killing him immediately.
Lucky Hughs?
On December 5th 1660, a ship sank in the straights of Dover - the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams.
On 5th December 1767, another ship sank in the same waters - 127 lost their lives, the only survivor was noted to be Hugh Williams
On 8th August 1820, a picnic boat capsized on the Thames - there was one survivor - Hugh Williams.
On 10th July 1940, a British trawler was destroyed by a German mine - only two men survived, one man and his nephew - they were both called Hugh Williams.

With a Quack Quack Here
Mr McDonald was a farmer who lived in Canada - nothing extra-ordinary in that - until you learn that his postcode contained the letter sequence EIEIO.
'Til Death Did Them Part
In 1996, Paris police set out to investigate a late night, high speed car crash, both drivers had been killed instantly.
Investigations revealed that the deceased were in fact man and wife.
Police initially suspected some kind of murder or suicide pact but it became apparent that the pair had been separated for several months - neither could have known that the other would have been out driving that night - it was just a terrible coincidence.
She's Behind You!

Michael Dick had been travelling around the UK with his family to track down his daughter, Lisa - who he had lost contact with ten years earlier.
After a long fruitless search, he approached the Suffolk Free Press, who agreed to help him by putting an appeal in their newspaper.
Fortunately, his long lost daughter saw the appeal and the pair were reunited. The odd thing was, his daughter had been right behind him when the free paper took the photograph - shown in the photograph above. What are the chances of that!
Licensed To Thrill
A fifteen year old pupil at Argoed High School in North Wales was to sit his GCSE examinations in 1990.
His name was James Bond - his examination paper reference was 007.

What Goes Around….
n 1965, at the age of four, Roger Lausier was swimming off a beach in Salem - he got into difficulties and was saved from drowning by a woman called Alice Blaise.
In 1974, on the same beach, Roger was out on a raft when he pulled a drowning man from the water - amazingly, the man he saved was Alice Blaise's husband.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice?
British cavalry officer Major Summerford was fighting in the fields of Flanders in the last year of WW1, a flash of lightning knocked him off his horse and paralysed him from his waist down.
He moved to Vancouver, Canada, six years later, whilst out fishing, Major Summerfield was struck by lightning again and the right side of his body became paralysed.
After two years of recovery, it was a summers day and he was out in a local park, a summer storm blew up and Major Summerfield was struck by lightning again - permanently paralysing him.
He died two years after this incident.
However, four years after his death, his stone tomb was destroyed - it was struck by lightning!

Practice What You Preach
Businessman Danie de Toit made a speech to an audience in South Africa - the topic of his speech was - watch out because death can strike you down at any time.
At the end of his speech, he put a peppermint in his mouth, and choked to death on it!

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phew!! fianlly!! after almost 12 days im back to normal life i would say. almost fully recovered from da bloody chicken pox!! all "pox" have dried up wit a few scars left and around 3 more spots still to disappear. hoping to get back to skool n e time next week. hopefully tomorrow or day after.

man!!! these 12 days or so at home have been havoc!! ive read 5 books. repeated 2 of them another time. watched so many movies. i think around 15 movies. taken let me guess (8x5x200mg) + (8x3x125mg) + (8x6panadol) or medcine (WOW!!!) and slept almost half da day every day!!

had virtually nothing to untill got hold of a job to design da stuff for chelunkalanjali and then on another site!! man!! it sure is difficult to b jobless and doing nothing wen u have been active b 4!! this time it was worse than the time of staying in bed during dengue. at least had sum ppl to talk to. da nurses, relatives who visited often, and that old lady who was in the neighbouring bed (feel sorry for her man. she died the very next day i left da ICU :( hmmm ). but during CP ppl cant even come near me!! not even my mum!!! it was really bad men!!

now all gone behind!! really surprised dat i recovered so quickly!! got to chk wit ma doc first b 4 getting back to skool!! probably today nyt or tomorrow only!!

so got sum work now!!
so till next time.........


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


long time could write up here.
well jst to update u guys on ma situation.

ive not been well during da last few days and yesterday ive been told that i have chicken pox. right now dont get scared. its not lyk AIDS or n e other STD's. its sumthing dat gets cured so dont worry. ill b back and up very soon!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009




I also give you permission to reuse these cards to send as greetings to your friends and family. Enjoy!

so on that note I would also like to wish you all and your family a very happy and prosperous eid.


So long for now. Tomorrow festival so got quite a lot of stuff to do.

So ... Adios.......

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its quite a long time since i blogged. really have been bloody busy during da past 2 weeks or so. first came start of skool, then da ifthar which had to b done by us in da last mins, and then last 10 fasting and night prayers, 27th nyt prayers, got to do sum sites, and then now festival coming up!!

as if all this is not enuf, there is more events cumming up in next month!! OH GOD!!

regarding today. slept at 3 am in da morning and then got up at 3.30pm in da evening!! GOOD ISNT IT!! and now still feeling sleepy.

n e way i dont know what to write even. got so much of stuff in my head now but if i started to write them all down, it wud end up in a mess of my own life as well as the lives of so many other ppl!!

n e way so long already. feeling sleepy.


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Some months ago Sarkozy...

And his look alikes...

Made fun of the Burkha and Niqab...

The Niqab which is supposed to
be an act of free expression.....

In countries that have been boasting...

FREE-DOOMof expression!

to express yourself...

Unfortunately the matter went much
further than just mocking comments!

Now watch carefully...

To what has happened...

After these Extra foolish act(s)!

Or even shocking for some!!

Then, the evil results of their deeds overtook them,
and that at which they used to mock at surrounded them.
Quran 16:34


Monday, September 7, 2009



phew!! the boring part of the year which is the holidays has finally come to an end!! i dont know how i survived the 30 odd days during this holidays!! OMG!!! it was really boring this time!!

damn!!! didnt do much of a stuff this time!! but got sum work to do at least and was able to earn sum bucks!!!! only that part was good enuf!!! and oh yeah at least had sum meet ups wit friends in the sake of having meetings for da Project R (tell u da status of this very soon).

nothing much to talk even!! got the unnaipol oruvan songs. will write a review of it in my next post within today.

n e way g2g to get my uniform ready for skool tomorrow!!

so till then.....


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FIRST TAMIL POST | முதல் தமிழ் பதிவு


வெகு நாட்களுக்கு பிறகு இன்று நான் எனது வலைப்பதிவில் தமிழில் எழுதுகிறேன். என்ன எழுதுவதேண்டு தெரியவில்லை.

பாடசாலை விடுமுறை, வீட்டில் வேலை இல்லை, ரமலான் காலம் வேற. செட் ஆதி எங்கயாவது பூக்கவும் முடியல. வேலை கிடைச்சாலும் சீக்கிரமாக செய்து முடித்து விட்டு மறுபடியும் கணினி திரையை பார்த்து முழிக்க தான் இருக்கிறது, facebook உள்ளதால் சிறிது சோம்பல் விடுகிறது. ஆனால் விடியக்காலையில் சட் பன்னுரத்துக்கவது யாரும் இல்லையே. இதே கெதி தான் இரவிலும் ஆனால் சில status களிலும் photos களிலும் வேறு post களிலும் கமெண்ட் பண்ணுறதுல காலம் கழியுது.

நோன்பு காலம் என்றதால படம் பார்க்கவும் முடியல. எத்தவது documentry டவுன்லோட் பண்ணி பார்க்கிறது(எதோ கொஞ்சும் பொது அறிவாவது வளரும் என்றுதான்). கடந்த சில நாட்களாக Air Crash Investigations பார்துகொண்டிருக்கேன். கடந்த வருடங்களில் நடைபெற்ற விமான விபத்துக்கள் பற்றி ஒரு கண்ணோட்டம். அது பத்தி இன்னொரு பதிவில் தனிய எழுதுறேன்.

ஹ்ம்ம்ம்ம்ம்ம்... தற்போது வெற்றி FM கேட்டுகொண்டிருக்கேன். வெகு நாட்களுக்கு பிறகு ஒரு பாட்டு கேட்டன். லட்ஜவதியே, என்ன அசத்துற ரதியே......

ஹ்ம்ம்ம்ம்... பாட்டு முடிஞ்சுது. ஆஹா. இன்னொருத்தன் மாட்டிகிட்டன்யா.. வெற்றியில வேல செய்ற ஒருத்தர் இன்னைக்கு. அவருக்கு எந்தன் நல வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

வேறு என்ன??? தற்போது ஒன்னும் இல்ல. எதாச்சும் இருந்தால்.பதிவில் போடுறேன்.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

21st December 2012 - End of World!!

i was just watching this documentary film on Nostradamus who is the famous astrologer who had predictions connected to many events that happened in the world such as WW1, WW2, 9/11 attacks, tsunamis, earthquakes and also the end of world.(more on this guy can be read at

well this guy had been around for quite a lot of time but this documentary that I watched about him and one of his specific predictions which is the "End of the World" was quite interesting to watch and also makes ur hair on ur back stand straight while also making you think if those that he predicted will ever happen or is it just a joke!!

i just watched this and just was amazed at how ppl interpret stuff!!.

they film starts with the narrator saying abt the 21st of December 2012 never having a sunrise and etc etc. and then they show of a book called the "Lost Book". this is a book that contains 7 illustrations drawn by Nostradamus to coincide with his predictions of doomsday and was lost for quite a long time untill it finally appeared sumtime back at some exhibition and then analyzed by ppl and compared with prediction written by Nostradamus and other stuff like the Mayan calendar and their predictions and also stuff from the Egyptian civilizations etc.

coming back to the plot of the movie. what the narrator says is that all ancient civilizations had some kind of knowledge of the doomsday and they wrote down all those predictions in sculptures and writings and buildings and stuff in a certain coded language that can be decoded only with much hardship! now what is this main prediction that all these ppl say is.

well its called the Galactic Alignment. this is they say a rare astronomical event where the sun is aligned at the exact center of the milky way galaxy and this can create certain changes in the galaxy that may result in the end of the world. This they say occurs only every 26000 years. and the next date on the cycle is 21st December 2012. many stuff are predicted for this day. they also say that all these hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, viral flu's, economic downturns are all events that follow up to this dooms day thing.

there's so much in this documentary which is good for a watch if u want some entertainment. but believe me or not. after watching this, i read some reviews on the internet about this thing specially on IMDB and they all say this is some kind of a stupid thing or a joke or a movie made to scare ppl with ppl who have written books to scare ppl coming and giving their views and all which i believe is very much true!!

well comon man!! what ever religion you may be of, there is a almighty god that you believe in. and as long as i know all religions say there will be an end of the world but it can never be predicted about when it is supposed to happen!! then how the hell can these ppl only predict?? and also to be on the safe side, these fellow say in the end like this.

Nostradamus also says there is an option of what will happen. one is that the world will end or the other is that a complete renewal of the civilization will happen like after the ice age etc!!

how childish!!

well if you want to watch this then here you go! you can watch it below on the player or click on da link below it to go to the page itself to watch it.

also now ive got holidays and also its fasting time am damn bored at home. doing some work related to Project R too. untill i think up of what i shall write about next.


Thursday, August 20, 2009


finally its out!!

two months of waiting and hrs of nervous and mental break down due to panicking abt results going to be released, its finally out. not much to party about but also not much disappointment either expect for one subject.

following is the extract of my results from the resultsplus site.

not much scene at home i guess. dad is kind of ok but im really disappointed. expected only to go down in BS and have the best in IT but it looks the other way. and also expected and A for accounts but missed it by 11 marks. thinking of all these jst makes me sleepless!!

now need to do a bit more work to get back on track i suppose.
just want to thank all my teachers from school and private tuition for teaching me. hope i didnt let them down except for da It teacher.

anyway guys. busy wit project R now. we are gearing up on da organizing. hope to make a public release of wat exactly is project R very soon.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

looooong time no c!!

so so so so so!!

it has been a long time now since i wrote in ma blog. and trust me. loadz or stuff hav happened during those days and also damn busy!!

few days of hanging around in frnds houses and discussing some stuff regarding the PROJECT R( more details on this will be revealed soon), doing some extremely important presentation under very short time and lots of pressure were some of what has happened.

cant talk anything abt the project R so lets leave that alone.

and finally we launched the SLiM TOP computers. Slim in Size, Slim in Price (still cant forget dat compeer guy). Sri Lanka's very first inhouse manufactured computer which is very small and also very cheap. chk out more in the poster below!!

hmmm. now jst started work on PROJECT R. got permission from skool. next step of work to be done.

so long for now.


Friday, August 7, 2009


ok so i dont think i need to tell you guys about what happened in the cyber world yesterday evening right?? probably by now you would know what it is but if you dont know well this is what happened.

hackers attacked Twitter and Livejournal sites and completely shut them down. livejournal was back withing 45mins but twitter was done for around 2 or 3 hrs completely and even after coming back up, there were a few problems experienced such as posting and all.

as if this is not enuf, even Facebook was attacked. although FB was not shut down completely, users including me experienced difficulties in posting stuff and accessing apps and profiles. and there are also certain reports saying Blogger and Youtube were also attacked but were successfully retaliated by google without any harm done to the services.

so 5 different social networking and blogging sites attacked in a single day during the same time period.

and early investigation reports now suggest that the attacks were by Russion hackers to prevent just ONE Georgian blogger who had accounts in Twitter, FB, Livejournal, Blogger and Youtube. see how selfish the bloody Russians are!! just because the wanted to block one popular guy from their enemy land they disrupted services for miliions of ppl. and also specially on da first anniversary of the 5 day war between the two countries. doesnt this suggest something like the russians wanted to prevent the georgians from putting out tru facts out ah!! suspicious!!

anyway its good to see that all these sites are back to normal. except for livejournal ive got accounts in all those sites attacked. as a matter of fact i had a livejournal account also b 4 but havnt used it for the past 2 or 3 yrs. so dont care abt it. but now that they are all back ive got to go and update my twitter status!! facebook ive already gone there.

so long for now. adios!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009



finally the day has come to an end. this is what i call a full day. a day starting with hearing abt a sad incident, then problems, then society work, then computer work, then hangout, then profession work, then problems again and now finally a bit relaxed.

and also just got to know that twitter and facebook has been attacked by hackers making twitter completely shut down for several hours and certain facebook services not functioning properly.

its funny and also experiencfull (i dont know if there is a word like that even :P:P) to see how one small joke or problem creates such a big problem for so many others that they have to crack their heads to find out a way to solve it without any harm being done to anyone. man im sure even a bloody computer can handle so much. and imagine something like this happening right in the morning as soon as you bloody get up from your bloody sleep?? damn!!!!!!!!!!! and imagine u end up wit another similar problem but a bit complicated in the night also!! tooooooo much for me!!!

and guys!! by the way one of my friends also has started his own blog. so chkin wit him also. his blog is at

so long for now. had a long, hard, tiresome, troublesome, workloaded day today so got to turn in too.

hence...... adios!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


busy as a bee. i dont know why people say that but i really am busy and bloody exhausted.

couldnt write n e thing for the past two days in the blog so got quite a lot to write about.

starting on tuesday last week. damn that day. never EVER in my life had i done a project so big so fast. well actually it was for my term test exams, and the other guy who said he had done it all and i had to jst print it was wrong. well he HAD done it but not wat was required or rather it was all jst Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V(u know wat i mean). so i came back home at around 4 on tuesday after skool. slept for 1 hr, then put on my comp and chkd da project to c wat stuff i can use in da renewd version and wat i cant. and to c 90% was not that i can use.

so there i go started doing the whole thing from scratch doing my own research all over again and it was then that i knew that Dialog had 5.8 million customers and there r actually 12million mobile phone users in SL as of today. phew thats a lot!! so here i go do all my research and stuff and finally finish da project at 3am in the morning of wednesday and the print it and then bind it (thx to my dad for teaching me who to bind stuff) and then go to sleep at 4am. PHEW!!!

6.00am on wednesday. with less than 2 hrs of sleep here comes my dad waking me up to go to skool. get up and get dressed and then go to skool and guess wat. it is only then that i remember that im having my accounts term exam paper that day. thank god ive been a bit attentive in class that i was able to do the paper without panicking much. after that submit my project and then to a mission.

Mission Resignment. resigning from a post in a society in College. damn men. how much do u have to think abt b 4 u can resign. and specially its lyk 5 of the 12 ppl in the board resigning together is lyk shit. its lyk letting ur frnds down but cant help it. they treat us in a bad way and do they expect us to b with them n e more and work for them(i use them and they coz of certain reasons. ppl who know it will feel guilty. thoppiya harinam daaganna.) then we make our final decision and then back home.

nothing much on thursday except for that we submitted our resignation to the prefect of clubs and societies and he gave us sum advice on the resignation letters and told us to redo them and giv it back. so took them back and came home.

friday nothing much except for the fact that i got pissed off with futta. he needs more that 24hrs to read jst one sheet of paper containing less than 150 words and put his signature in the bottom. nw coz of this i have to wait another 2 days to complete my work. damn it.

back at home then 2 class and after that to my aunts place. damn boring again. nothing much to do. read two whole tintin books and then was jst chilling out wit ma cousin in his room. then we went to my uncles place. kind of same there but at least there was a bloody TV there so can watch sumthing on it.

now for today's account. woke up after chen2 gave a call standing at my gate. got up and had a wash quickly and went opened the gate. and the party begins. we decide on the secret Project R and design the letterhead which came out really nice in the end. then had lunch. submarine from KFC. to be truthful it actually sucks. the KFC sub sucks big time. i wud suggest queens or MB sub but not KFC ones. n e way after that did sum more discussion and then went on to watch the match. well done to the SL team. winning the match today in style and keeping the lead in the series.

now after match wound up the get together and then after all the guys went off, watched ice age 3. really good movie. better than the first two and obviously better than harry potter and the half blood prince. and now writing this post.

so long for now. got sum other work to do.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

review of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

well guys, 2 days back i watched this movie and here is my review and rating on this movie.

first of all, i need to say that this movie was not upto what I expected. quite a lot of set backs. if you have already read the book then im sure you will be disappointed with the movie. and if you havnt read the book, then go ahead and watch it and you wont feel the difference.

well to start with, the movie is pretty much boring the whole time. watch it for 30 mins max and u myt feel lyk it would have been better to watch transformers or ice age 3. although like in the other HP movies, the graphics are really good and u wont see a difference between graphics and real stuff. but the storyline is SHIT i would say.

the movie looks lyk the script had been written after reading the adult version of the book rather than the normal one. more emphasis is given the affair between Ron and that other curly hair girl and also Hermione's feeling towards Ron and also of the affairs of Harry with Ginny and of Ginny's with some other guy(i dont remember the name). more screen time has been allocated for these scene rather than for quidditch. yes. u got me correct. quidditch scene add upto around 2 minutes of the whole movie where as these affair scenes of snogging and showing feelings etc add upto around 20 or 25 minutes.

next. lots of interesting scene have been taken off from the book.

in the book harry has a look at many memories of voldormot, but in the movie, if im not wrong, he sees only 3 out of which one is repeated so its jst two. memories such as where harry sees voldormots parents, harry's parents and certain memories like snape's memories are all missing.

another main part missing in the movies is guess what?? well its the Dursley's!! yes. the Dursley's are never seen in the movie. these guys are a vital part of the story line and missing them is kind of bad!

the joke shop of the weasley twins are shown for around 2 mins only. and also a new scene that has been added into the movie is that the death eaters burn down the house of the weasly's. its kind of sad to see that happen but i really doubt if that scene was needed in the movie.

not much of the Ministry of Magic is referred to in the movie although it does not make much of a difference.

the battle at Hogwarts in the end is missing. according to the director, this was removed to spice up the next movie lu. so hope the next movie includes this part in it.

and at the end where dumbledore gets killed. harry is not hiding under the invisible cloak but watches the scene from an underground level. this make the killing part not visible so much and only the curse hitting dumbledore and him falling from the balcony is shown.

and if you havnt already watched the movie then dont go expecting the most wanted scene in the movie which is dumbledore's funeral. yes. dumbledore's funeral is not there in the movie. the scene has been completely removed. and the directors comment on this is that "IT DOESNT FIT IN THE MOVIE". What the HELL??? its the most important part in the book and to say it doesnt fit in the movie is shit!!!

well that is much of what can be said on the movie. cant say much good of it coz there's so much minus's than plus's.

well review done and i would rate the movie a 3/10.

although I have said all this, i would not recommend u not to watch it. if ur a HP fan then pls do go and watch the movie.

Adios then!

Friday, July 24, 2009

is this what you call luck??

ok now. imagine ur self in a situation like this. you have an important meeting to attend at 3.00pm in kirulopane. u after all ur work at office, take ur lunch at 2.30 and at 2.40 u get into the bus at mount lavinia. then u get stuck at the traffic at the dehiwala junc and hav to wait around 10 mins to pass that place. jst as u think u pass that traffic jam, the cop catches the bus breaking a signal light and stops him to write a ticket. that takes around 5 mins and then the bus takes off again and jst as the driver takes off, he meets with an accident and the bus stops again. then u get pissed off and get down from the bus, stop another bus passing by and get into it and that bus doesnt go n e faster than lets say 40kmph! then u finally reach ur bus stand at 3 exactly and u have to take another bus to get to ur destination. but instead as ur late u take a trishaw and this person is worse. the fellow has a problem with his engine and cant speed up so it takes u 5 mins to get to the destination. and guess what?? UR LATE!!

this is exactly what happened to me today. well not meeting actually but for class right after skool. the time and events that occurred are all same and true.

damn. this is jst tiring like nothing.

and now writing it all down tires me more.

so adios for nw.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life after skool!


it jst makes ur body shiver wen u even think of leaving skool. man. cant even stay at home during hols without doing n e thing and imagine leaving skool after being in it for more than 75% of every year for the past 13 yrs?? its lyk the second home and leaving it is lyk. man cant even explain it. well wat can v do uh? wen time comes, we have to leave and hence we leave.

well this topic jst came into my mind after one of our Old boys in college did a presentation to us during the current affairs session which surprisingly i didnt fall asleep today. reason being that the presentation was kind of interesting and of a different topic and not the usual career guidance and stuff (thx to da forum members for that).

well coming back to the topic, altho i expected him to speak on wat life is lyk after leaving skool and hw it feels and stuff, it was kind of different and made ppl think on the decisions u hav to make nw that ur abt to leave skool in a few yrs time.

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."
"Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended"
both these above sayings were said by ex president of India and a great scientist Dr.Abdul Kalam.

Dream is the word. to achive in life, u need to dream. nt that u have to sleep all day and night and dream, but to have something in mind on wat u want to b or wat u want to achive and work towards it. this is sumthing that is very true. u need to dream. i used to dream and im still dreaming and im also working towards trying to achive my dream. u may face quite a lot of set backs such as ppl making fun or u, finance, help and support etc. but to overcome these and continue to strive towards achiveing ur dream, u will oneday achive it.

one example that the speaker said today abt a person who achived his dream after facing a life threatening set back is about Lance Armstrong. this 7 time Tour de France champion is known to many. this person who was diagnosed with sum kind of cancer while training had to withdraw from the competition. after he was saved from the cancer by the doctors he started training again and a few yrs later i suppose, he went to participate at the competition and won it and continued the winning pattern for 7 yrs continiously aftr which he took a rest of 3 yrs and is now back again on track.

c ppl lyk these r who shud b exposed to the ppl and motivational vdo's must b shown to ppl. not jst stupid movies where all the impossible stuff happen.

well i will stop here to make u guys think more on this topic. the following is a vdo that the speaker showd to us to end the speech. sharing it with u guys also so that u guys also cant watch it and get sum kind of motivation!

adios to u all then!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

rugby at its best!!

every where we go ooooo......
ppl come and ask us....
where the hell v come from....
we come from STC.....
lovely lovely STC....


T..H..O..R..A.. THORA!!!!

now being a Thomian for at least one yr or if you have jst entered skool and its almost an yr since then and not knowing the verses mentioned above then i dare say it would be better not to call your self a Thomian! these are verses that every thomian young and old should be knowing by heart. the very same words that are screamed at the top of their voices by all thomians wen the "Thora Spirit" is showcased. let it be cricket, let it be rugby, let it be swimming, hockey, or wat ever it is, if something that is exciting in a competition against the opposition happens, these words jst start flowing out of your mouth. few places where this can be witnessed is the cycle parade, the big match and certain rugby matches.

and talking of rugby, todays match between STC and Isipathana in the Finals of the Milo Knock Out Championships also know as the presidents sheild, was won by the boys of the school by the sea after showing their true sportsman ship and teamwork. the commitment shown by the players, the fans supporting it on the grounds as well as out of the grounds in the internet for example all add up to one thing. VICTORY!!

its no use talking much about it as everyone knows about the match by now. and if you dont, then i seriously am asking you this question "which bloody plannet are you living in ah?".

so after a tiresome day of competitions it has now come to an end. lyk the title of one of shakespears dramas (correct me if im wrong pls) which reads "Alls well that ends well", a day full of exiting and tiresome events has now come to an end. its now time to pull up the mattress and doze of!!

go to go watch transformers tomorrow hence adios!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rain and life!

hmmmm. so it rained heavily in Colombo after lets say almost 2 months i guess. and man it sure did rain heavily. the weather became so cold that v actually had to switch off the fans in our classrooms and also da AC at the tution class in da evening.

its always nice to see rain coming in, in a country like Sri Lanka where when its hot, it IS hot(let alone malaysia where wen its hot, its BURNING!). and specially when there is heavy rain with very less or no lightening at all, then its even more better as you get to enjoy the rain and its cool condition even more.

and also there is also kind of a health factor that prevails here ryt. wen it rains it for certain extent clears the garbage filled drains and there by the the current threat to ppl called "Dengue" is restricted a bit. but in da other side, when it rains, the water gets collected in some places and this in turn becomes a breading ground for mosquitoes which will inturn bring out dengue again. well talking about dengue, its a huge topic and i dont think much needs to b talked abt in here.

so long for now. go to go and do some work. got an event tomorrow. as an advisor to the president(he he he yes i am, but not the SL president), i need to be present with him to help him out at the event tomorrow.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


phew, its around 7.00pm now and for today, ive had quite a lot of work and now im EXHAUSTED!!

got up in the morning, got a letter done, got ready for school, got into school and all this was done in jst 45mins. yes 45mins. and getting there, thats starts the busy day for me. altho i thought it was a lucky day for me to get to skool in time, i had forgotten to take my presentation draft to my sir, and hell he was pissed off. had to do it all over again in skool during the computer period and sent it and informed sir that ive emaild it to him and he says that he doesnt have time to chk it out and is pissed with me more.

looks lyk now ive got to do sumthing to shape this all up and now trying to figure out a way to do it!


so so so,

ive always wanted to have my own blog, but never kept it alive. but now it just has got into me that i know think that i need to maintain my blog(sorry abt those "I"'s).

so here we go. now i have restarted my blog, and hope to blog often.

see you soon.