Saturday, October 17, 2009

Movie Review - Aadhavan!!!

First let me wish all my friends a happy dewawali!!

and on that note let me start this.
dewawali. da festival of lights that hindu's around da world celebrate. but long gone is the tradition that they need to stay at home, do all sorts of traditional stuff (no offense meant to n e one k) and wen u c the date of dewawali on ur calender, the first thing dat comes to the mind of n e tamil teenager is the releasing of new movies!! and as said, it was no big difference today as a few movies have been released. one notable movie among these releases is Aadhavan. Produced by Stalin, Directed by K.S.Ravikumar with Surya, Nayantara, Vadivelu, Nasar and a few other big names sharing the screen, this is one movie that is not to b missed i wud say!!

Well first to share my experience on going to watch this movie!! MAN!!! unforgettable!! i bet like my frnd said dat not even the best ruggerite in the world cud have tackled and gone thru dat crowd in there!! but sumhw got thru it and into da show!! altho v were there at 9.30 for da 10.30 show, v got in only 15 mins after da show started!! but dont think v missed much!!

story is pretty simple!! a lost son who gets back to the father inorder to save his father's life!! pretty much an old theme but the way it has been portrayed, the story line, and all gives the movie a good name!! Hariss Jeyaraj with the success of Varanam Aiyiram and Ayan has once again shown his magic with his wonderful tunes!! and who ever it is da cameraman, he has done a pretty good job in capturing da movie beautifully!!

talking abt vadivelu in this movie!! he kind of appears in the screen every 30 or 40 seconds and makes everyone laugh and goes off!! his acting has been really good in this movie and i wud say that after Imsai Arasan, this is da movie that Vadivelu has been brought back into his normal routine!!. nayantara has done her part in da movie!! altho she doesnt take center stage in the movie like surya or vadivelu, she has done her job very well.

ramesh khanna who is also da script writer of da movie is also an extra comedian in this flick!

the most notable in the support roles is Saroja Devi. The yesteryear actress who has acted with notables like MGR and Sivaji has also been included in this!!

one small thing dat da director has messed up in dis movie is da graphics! altho is hard to tell if da graphics sux or not, at certain points it clearly shows dat it does. special mention can b given to da part where surya's face has been morphed with a 10 yr old kid to bring out a 10yr old surya!! this has been messed up a bit as in certain scenes, da graphics clearly shows out!! a person lyk KS.Ravikumar who directed Dhasavataram cud hav done a better job wit da 10 yr old kid wit a few make up than putting it up in graphics!!

all in all da movie is a good movie and can b watched wit the family as it doesnt contain n e scenes lyk in the other suriya's movies(u know who im refering to).

so i wud say go grab urself a ticket and watch it, but if ur going as a family, i wud say u wait for another 2 or 3 days and then go coz this is a surya movie and u know da crowds!!

so long now!! got sum stuff to do!!

untill next time....


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