Thursday, August 20, 2009


finally its out!!

two months of waiting and hrs of nervous and mental break down due to panicking abt results going to be released, its finally out. not much to party about but also not much disappointment either expect for one subject.

following is the extract of my results from the resultsplus site.

not much scene at home i guess. dad is kind of ok but im really disappointed. expected only to go down in BS and have the best in IT but it looks the other way. and also expected and A for accounts but missed it by 11 marks. thinking of all these jst makes me sleepless!!

now need to do a bit more work to get back on track i suppose.
just want to thank all my teachers from school and private tuition for teaching me. hope i didnt let them down except for da It teacher.

anyway guys. busy wit project R now. we are gearing up on da organizing. hope to make a public release of wat exactly is project R very soon.


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