Saturday, August 1, 2009


busy as a bee. i dont know why people say that but i really am busy and bloody exhausted.

couldnt write n e thing for the past two days in the blog so got quite a lot to write about.

starting on tuesday last week. damn that day. never EVER in my life had i done a project so big so fast. well actually it was for my term test exams, and the other guy who said he had done it all and i had to jst print it was wrong. well he HAD done it but not wat was required or rather it was all jst Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V(u know wat i mean). so i came back home at around 4 on tuesday after skool. slept for 1 hr, then put on my comp and chkd da project to c wat stuff i can use in da renewd version and wat i cant. and to c 90% was not that i can use.

so there i go started doing the whole thing from scratch doing my own research all over again and it was then that i knew that Dialog had 5.8 million customers and there r actually 12million mobile phone users in SL as of today. phew thats a lot!! so here i go do all my research and stuff and finally finish da project at 3am in the morning of wednesday and the print it and then bind it (thx to my dad for teaching me who to bind stuff) and then go to sleep at 4am. PHEW!!!

6.00am on wednesday. with less than 2 hrs of sleep here comes my dad waking me up to go to skool. get up and get dressed and then go to skool and guess wat. it is only then that i remember that im having my accounts term exam paper that day. thank god ive been a bit attentive in class that i was able to do the paper without panicking much. after that submit my project and then to a mission.

Mission Resignment. resigning from a post in a society in College. damn men. how much do u have to think abt b 4 u can resign. and specially its lyk 5 of the 12 ppl in the board resigning together is lyk shit. its lyk letting ur frnds down but cant help it. they treat us in a bad way and do they expect us to b with them n e more and work for them(i use them and they coz of certain reasons. ppl who know it will feel guilty. thoppiya harinam daaganna.) then we make our final decision and then back home.

nothing much on thursday except for that we submitted our resignation to the prefect of clubs and societies and he gave us sum advice on the resignation letters and told us to redo them and giv it back. so took them back and came home.

friday nothing much except for the fact that i got pissed off with futta. he needs more that 24hrs to read jst one sheet of paper containing less than 150 words and put his signature in the bottom. nw coz of this i have to wait another 2 days to complete my work. damn it.

back at home then 2 class and after that to my aunts place. damn boring again. nothing much to do. read two whole tintin books and then was jst chilling out wit ma cousin in his room. then we went to my uncles place. kind of same there but at least there was a bloody TV there so can watch sumthing on it.

now for today's account. woke up after chen2 gave a call standing at my gate. got up and had a wash quickly and went opened the gate. and the party begins. we decide on the secret Project R and design the letterhead which came out really nice in the end. then had lunch. submarine from KFC. to be truthful it actually sucks. the KFC sub sucks big time. i wud suggest queens or MB sub but not KFC ones. n e way after that did sum more discussion and then went on to watch the match. well done to the SL team. winning the match today in style and keeping the lead in the series.

now after match wound up the get together and then after all the guys went off, watched ice age 3. really good movie. better than the first two and obviously better than harry potter and the half blood prince. and now writing this post.

so long for now. got sum other work to do.


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