Saturday, September 19, 2009



its quite a long time since i blogged. really have been bloody busy during da past 2 weeks or so. first came start of skool, then da ifthar which had to b done by us in da last mins, and then last 10 fasting and night prayers, 27th nyt prayers, got to do sum sites, and then now festival coming up!!

as if all this is not enuf, there is more events cumming up in next month!! OH GOD!!

regarding today. slept at 3 am in da morning and then got up at 3.30pm in da evening!! GOOD ISNT IT!! and now still feeling sleepy.

n e way i dont know what to write even. got so much of stuff in my head now but if i started to write them all down, it wud end up in a mess of my own life as well as the lives of so many other ppl!!

n e way so long already. feeling sleepy.


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