Friday, July 17, 2009

Rain and life!

hmmmm. so it rained heavily in Colombo after lets say almost 2 months i guess. and man it sure did rain heavily. the weather became so cold that v actually had to switch off the fans in our classrooms and also da AC at the tution class in da evening.

its always nice to see rain coming in, in a country like Sri Lanka where when its hot, it IS hot(let alone malaysia where wen its hot, its BURNING!). and specially when there is heavy rain with very less or no lightening at all, then its even more better as you get to enjoy the rain and its cool condition even more.

and also there is also kind of a health factor that prevails here ryt. wen it rains it for certain extent clears the garbage filled drains and there by the the current threat to ppl called "Dengue" is restricted a bit. but in da other side, when it rains, the water gets collected in some places and this in turn becomes a breading ground for mosquitoes which will inturn bring out dengue again. well talking about dengue, its a huge topic and i dont think much needs to b talked abt in here.

so long for now. go to go and do some work. got an event tomorrow. as an advisor to the president(he he he yes i am, but not the SL president), i need to be present with him to help him out at the event tomorrow.


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