Sunday, October 4, 2009


phew!! fianlly!! after almost 12 days im back to normal life i would say. almost fully recovered from da bloody chicken pox!! all "pox" have dried up wit a few scars left and around 3 more spots still to disappear. hoping to get back to skool n e time next week. hopefully tomorrow or day after.

man!!! these 12 days or so at home have been havoc!! ive read 5 books. repeated 2 of them another time. watched so many movies. i think around 15 movies. taken let me guess (8x5x200mg) + (8x3x125mg) + (8x6panadol) or medcine (WOW!!!) and slept almost half da day every day!!

had virtually nothing to untill got hold of a job to design da stuff for chelunkalanjali and then on another site!! man!! it sure is difficult to b jobless and doing nothing wen u have been active b 4!! this time it was worse than the time of staying in bed during dengue. at least had sum ppl to talk to. da nurses, relatives who visited often, and that old lady who was in the neighbouring bed (feel sorry for her man. she died the very next day i left da ICU :( hmmm ). but during CP ppl cant even come near me!! not even my mum!!! it was really bad men!!

now all gone behind!! really surprised dat i recovered so quickly!! got to chk wit ma doc first b 4 getting back to skool!! probably today nyt or tomorrow only!!

so got sum work now!!
so till next time.........


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