Thursday, August 13, 2009

looooong time no c!!

so so so so so!!

it has been a long time now since i wrote in ma blog. and trust me. loadz or stuff hav happened during those days and also damn busy!!

few days of hanging around in frnds houses and discussing some stuff regarding the PROJECT R( more details on this will be revealed soon), doing some extremely important presentation under very short time and lots of pressure were some of what has happened.

cant talk anything abt the project R so lets leave that alone.

and finally we launched the SLiM TOP computers. Slim in Size, Slim in Price (still cant forget dat compeer guy). Sri Lanka's very first inhouse manufactured computer which is very small and also very cheap. chk out more in the poster below!!

hmmm. now jst started work on PROJECT R. got permission from skool. next step of work to be done.

so long for now.


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