Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life after skool!


it jst makes ur body shiver wen u even think of leaving skool. man. cant even stay at home during hols without doing n e thing and imagine leaving skool after being in it for more than 75% of every year for the past 13 yrs?? its lyk the second home and leaving it is lyk. man cant even explain it. well wat can v do uh? wen time comes, we have to leave and hence we leave.

well this topic jst came into my mind after one of our Old boys in college did a presentation to us during the current affairs session which surprisingly i didnt fall asleep today. reason being that the presentation was kind of interesting and of a different topic and not the usual career guidance and stuff (thx to da forum members for that).

well coming back to the topic, altho i expected him to speak on wat life is lyk after leaving skool and hw it feels and stuff, it was kind of different and made ppl think on the decisions u hav to make nw that ur abt to leave skool in a few yrs time.

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."
"Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended"
both these above sayings were said by ex president of India and a great scientist Dr.Abdul Kalam.

Dream is the word. to achive in life, u need to dream. nt that u have to sleep all day and night and dream, but to have something in mind on wat u want to b or wat u want to achive and work towards it. this is sumthing that is very true. u need to dream. i used to dream and im still dreaming and im also working towards trying to achive my dream. u may face quite a lot of set backs such as ppl making fun or u, finance, help and support etc. but to overcome these and continue to strive towards achiveing ur dream, u will oneday achive it.

one example that the speaker said today abt a person who achived his dream after facing a life threatening set back is about Lance Armstrong. this 7 time Tour de France champion is known to many. this person who was diagnosed with sum kind of cancer while training had to withdraw from the competition. after he was saved from the cancer by the doctors he started training again and a few yrs later i suppose, he went to participate at the competition and won it and continued the winning pattern for 7 yrs continiously aftr which he took a rest of 3 yrs and is now back again on track.

c ppl lyk these r who shud b exposed to the ppl and motivational vdo's must b shown to ppl. not jst stupid movies where all the impossible stuff happen.

well i will stop here to make u guys think more on this topic. the following is a vdo that the speaker showd to us to end the speech. sharing it with u guys also so that u guys also cant watch it and get sum kind of motivation!

adios to u all then!

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