Friday, August 7, 2009


ok so i dont think i need to tell you guys about what happened in the cyber world yesterday evening right?? probably by now you would know what it is but if you dont know well this is what happened.

hackers attacked Twitter and Livejournal sites and completely shut them down. livejournal was back withing 45mins but twitter was done for around 2 or 3 hrs completely and even after coming back up, there were a few problems experienced such as posting and all.

as if this is not enuf, even Facebook was attacked. although FB was not shut down completely, users including me experienced difficulties in posting stuff and accessing apps and profiles. and there are also certain reports saying Blogger and Youtube were also attacked but were successfully retaliated by google without any harm done to the services.

so 5 different social networking and blogging sites attacked in a single day during the same time period.

and early investigation reports now suggest that the attacks were by Russion hackers to prevent just ONE Georgian blogger who had accounts in Twitter, FB, Livejournal, Blogger and Youtube. see how selfish the bloody Russians are!! just because the wanted to block one popular guy from their enemy land they disrupted services for miliions of ppl. and also specially on da first anniversary of the 5 day war between the two countries. doesnt this suggest something like the russians wanted to prevent the georgians from putting out tru facts out ah!! suspicious!!

anyway its good to see that all these sites are back to normal. except for livejournal ive got accounts in all those sites attacked. as a matter of fact i had a livejournal account also b 4 but havnt used it for the past 2 or 3 yrs. so dont care abt it. but now that they are all back ive got to go and update my twitter status!! facebook ive already gone there.

so long for now. adios!!

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