Thursday, August 6, 2009



finally the day has come to an end. this is what i call a full day. a day starting with hearing abt a sad incident, then problems, then society work, then computer work, then hangout, then profession work, then problems again and now finally a bit relaxed.

and also just got to know that twitter and facebook has been attacked by hackers making twitter completely shut down for several hours and certain facebook services not functioning properly.

its funny and also experiencfull (i dont know if there is a word like that even :P:P) to see how one small joke or problem creates such a big problem for so many others that they have to crack their heads to find out a way to solve it without any harm being done to anyone. man im sure even a bloody computer can handle so much. and imagine something like this happening right in the morning as soon as you bloody get up from your bloody sleep?? damn!!!!!!!!!!! and imagine u end up wit another similar problem but a bit complicated in the night also!! tooooooo much for me!!!

and guys!! by the way one of my friends also has started his own blog. so chkin wit him also. his blog is at

so long for now. had a long, hard, tiresome, troublesome, workloaded day today so got to turn in too.

hence...... adios!!

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