Thursday, July 16, 2009


phew, its around 7.00pm now and for today, ive had quite a lot of work and now im EXHAUSTED!!

got up in the morning, got a letter done, got ready for school, got into school and all this was done in jst 45mins. yes 45mins. and getting there, thats starts the busy day for me. altho i thought it was a lucky day for me to get to skool in time, i had forgotten to take my presentation draft to my sir, and hell he was pissed off. had to do it all over again in skool during the computer period and sent it and informed sir that ive emaild it to him and he says that he doesnt have time to chk it out and is pissed with me more.

looks lyk now ive got to do sumthing to shape this all up and now trying to figure out a way to do it!

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