Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And so 2012 comes to an end...

2012.. probably the best year in my life i would say.. so many things have happened.. so many people have come and gone in my life.. so many new experiences.. the loss of a very dear person in my life from this world and so the list continues.. its pretty long... and im pretty sure its the same for the world out there too.. from jumps from the space to tragedies and of course Gangnam Style... its pretty eventful too...

well i havnt blogged as much as the last year in this year.. mainly probably coz i was too busy.. sooo many things in my life to take care of.. so many events.. gosh.. started off the year with cousins and relatives like in the past few years.. and then the next few days went on to become very dramatic in my life.. a certain event that only very close frnds of mine wud knw of.. and then took a shap 90o turn thanks to some awesome friends in my life and to some new friends that i found through volunteering and what not.. 

some of the most interesting/remembered moments in my life are these.. 
V Awards Grand Finals
Starting up YGSL
Joining as a writer at
APIIT Entrepreneurship Week
Starting up CGYE
Starting up Connect Lanka
Trip to Malaysia, Singapore n India
Colombo +20
Becoming a Microsoft Student Partner
Starting my Final year in the degree
Tantalize 2012..
The Motorola Competition
APIIT Sports Extravaganza
IVD 2012
and finally passing away of my grand mother..

pretty eventfull.. lots of things learned.. lots of things gained.. lots of things lost.. 

and with the world not ending on the 21st of December and the year coming to an end, all i say is..

BRING IT ON 2013.. 

happy new year to you all..



Anonymous said...

Thank you and wish you the same. Let's hope 2013 is a less dramatic, yet eventful year. Cheers. :)

Ahamed Nishadh said...

well its pretty good when its dramatic u knw.. :P :P :P