Monday, August 20, 2012

Life and everything else...

its been a looooooooong time.. a very very long time since ive put an update on whats been happening with me and my beautiful steady unstable awesome super duper life.. :) to be precise nearly 8-9 months i guess.. and trust me, there's a preeeeeeeeeeeeeety lot thats happened over the last few months...

life's been good i wud say.. kinda treated me well and with a bit of fairness compared to other times.. I may have taken one or two bad decisions over the time, but i know i certainly did take one particular decision that i know i will regret for quite a long time.. :) but then past is past.. time to more on i say.. 

V awards, exams, assignments, festivals, parties, tours, first family trip abroad, colombo+20, cricturf, connect, youth day, cgye, new friends, new experiences, new responsibilities, revelations, and omg.. the list just keeps going on..

Im sure everyone probably knows what V Awards is by now.. if not, just find the post i did about v awards somewhere in January this year and you will know and can watch what it is.. Post V awards i would say, life kinda took a very dramatic turn and that too in a good way.. more volunteering opportunities.. more responsibilities.. more awesome new friends.. damn.. life's been good i would say.. life's been pretty damn good. :)

then then comes the dreaded assignments and then exams.. and to my relief, i get thru them all peacefully.. i say that coz it was kinda easy for me in the first semester.. :)

and then time passes, few people opt to move out of my life which i say im perfectly ok with coz i know i have no regrets and i havent done anything wrong.. and those who know it will know it. but then again, past is past.. time to move on... lole lolz scene eka ne.. :P

damn hard to even remember whats been up in ma life.. oh yeah.. a few APIIT events.. Pool Tourny, TT Tourny, ARC Day and a few more.. 

March 2012, is kinda a memorable one for me due to very many reasons.. some i say i think i should keep private but one is that after a very long time, i got back into sports writing again. and thanks to a cricket crazy frnd and the Royal Thomian of course, i start as a writer at CricTurf writing articles about cricket and what not about cricket etc.. its been pretty awesome.. lots of cricketing events to go to.. and then the SLPL too.. (i shall write a separate article abt it later ).. then end of march comes APIIT entrepreneurship competition.. one week that me and 5 others can cherish for a long time.. shopping at places we never did for stuff we never did.. some of us doing stuff that if our parents saw would be surprised we even knew doing stuff lyk that (making fruit juices i mean.. ) and all in all, running a business of our own.. :) fun times i wud say.. and after all making a profit of 2000+ rupees.. good time.. good times.. :) and thats probably when a new guy joined the clique i wud say.. :P (those who knw, knw it.. )

April and it was some family time and that too in a different country.. a family trip to malaysia, singapore and india for two weeks.. damn.. was so happy to get back home after two weeks.. missed the country so badly.. :) (patriotic i am, arnt i.. :P ) and then starts yet another important project.. the Motorola Competition.. coming up with 4 projects from virtually no where and then 2 of them getting selected out of the 96 entries.. damn.. good feeling.. progressing pretty well at the moment.. will let the world know wat happens once its over in october.. :)

then again exams, assignments and what not.. few more apiit events.. and then its back to get V Force into action.. Colombo +20 planning starts early june.. some pretty good time.. and a few more new good frnds.. some good contacts too.. and then within that time CGYE starts too.. to knw more go to and u can get all the info there.. :P and also YGSL ( and in between getting involved in the forming of a new youth organization called Connect Lanka with ( some other interested individuals and taking up some very ambitious projects.. Connect should be a very integral part of my life in the future i wud say.. and i hope it to be too..

tanta work too starts in the meantime.. part of the committee finally after missing out last year.. :) should be an interesting one this year.. (anyone willing to give ads, banners, sponsors contact me IMMEDIATELY).. in the meantime, get into the Volunteer crew of the ICC World T20 2012 tournament also to be held in SL this year.. been informed that im a team leader too.. hope to make new frnds and do a good job to too again this time.. 

i remember, back in 2009, me along with a small committee, we organized a massive scale event in just 2 weeks in skool which turned out to be a success.. history just repeated again few weeks back with the organizing of the International Youth Day falling on our heads.. with a crew of 5 members, 10 team leads and 150 volunteers, we organized an event with 2500+ participants and need i say, it was a damn MASSIVE SUCCESS! i should say im damn hell proud to be part of it.. I know something like that can be done again only by our team and no one else.. :) kudos to our team!!! 

and with that, i come to present time.. not much.. except that heavily busy with lots of projects and studies.. hoping things to go all well in the future.. 

one thing i forgot to mention in my past 8 month recall is that the passing away of my grandmother.. one person i would dearly miss for quite sum time.. she was the only grandparent i had during my days of growing up and starting to understand things.. i knw its a big loss for my mum... but it is for me too.. especially to see your own grandmother passing away right while you are watching and futhermore, holding her hand.. damn, i hope she can rest in peace knowing that she's been a good wife to my grandfather, good mother to my mum and aunts an awesome grandmother to me and my cousins and a good great grandmother  to my nephews and niece.. living for nearly 85 years... im sure she lived through a lifetime.. i surely will miss her.. 

so.. i guess youve got an update on my life happenings over the last 8 months.. have been trying to blog for a long time but havnt got the time.. been quite busy with lots of work.. got some time today and decided  I WILL WRITE TODAY!! :) 

hoping to put an update very soon.. 

have a great day...

peace to u all..


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