Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assignment, Drama's, Exams, Sleepless Nights and Life

so so so.. its been more than a month since ive posted here and i think it is time now to post something and update this blog of mine on things happening around and with me in the past month or so.. 

With ramadan coming to an end at the end of August, it was time for assignment submissions, exams and what not in the academic life to come along as the semester was coming to an end.. but this time, the fun started in a different way.. that was with Thomian Fair 2011.. the most awaited fair in Sri Lanka held every few years was back.. and this time bigger and better than the last time when it was held 7 years ago.. it was a fun filled event with a packed crowd and being one of those people who helped in what ever way possible for the fair to become a success, im proud of myself for what i did in addition to having all the fun with friends.. but like they always say.. when good things happen, sumthing will try to ruin it.. oh yes... its assignments.. even during the fair, there was this assignment submission that had to be done.. and like always, what ever the obstacle may be, the assignment was done on time and then it was fun all nyt long at the thora fair.. it was a fun filled affair and after all the rumour stating that the thora fair will be a failure due to happenings in college, the organizing committee proved them wrong with a fair that can be called completely successful and for that i congratulate the organizing committee for a job well done and for giving us a chance to meet old friends and say to our grandchildren in the future that i was part of Thora Fair 2011... (FYI if anyone of you want to see pictures of the Thora Fair, its available at http://www.stcmloba.org/thomianfair_gallery.php)

well probably by now, you know that for me, personally doing assignments is a fun affair for me.. and right after the thora fair began the fun. submissions, submission and more submissions.. phew.. i would say.. september has been a month that i cannot forget for very many reasons.. some of which i will tell you in this post but seriously.. september 2011.. gosh.. one month in my life that i will always remember.. 

so with all the submissions.. the presentations.. the documenting process.. and the road trip around colombo after which having lunch at 7pm (thasi, shohan, hirosh, dilshan will remember this day all their lives) and what not, it was time for some extra curricular activities too.. and this time, it was time for me to step into a unknown territory for me.. ive been involved in various different extra curricular activities but this was the first time i was involved in a drama.. and not just one.. but two dramas and probably more in the future.. 

SUBA - A drama written by Ms.Marini de Livera of the APIIT Law School was a drama about one girls journey to fight the violations of human rights and human trafficking in Sri Lanka... from the first day of practices we had for the drama up until now, its been fun being part of  this production.. students from APIIT Business School, Law School, and School of Computing and Foundation Classes all came together to put up this production.. althought it was done on a low scale with a small script with very little help and extra props and stuff, the drama was a resounding success in terms of putting up a good show and various other aspects.. new friends were made.. new skills were brought out.. new experiences... and boy.. this was fun.. and i mean it.. the event was held at the Lumbini College Hall.. 

although we had a very limited audience, we had fun.. we enjoyed ourselves in doing what we did. with all the little misunderstanding, arguments, breaking down sessions and oh yeah, assignments, it was finally a first class performance in terms of saying amateurs did the acting.. i myself acted in the role of a politician in this drama which was the first time i acted in a drama in years.. although in every damn practice session we had i never got my lines correct, when it came to the final show, thanks to all mighty god, my lines were perfect.. :) 

all the fun we had during the times we practiced for the drama.. all the little sacrifices made for the success of the drama.. gosh... it all paid off very well.. and seriously hats off to all my friends who acted in the drama.. (netha, bena, mandy, mad, charith, bimba, kani, janu, mili, benja, dinushi and everyone else) ive never seen such a perfect drama being put up after practicing in such a short time.. and also to the backstage crew for a wonderful job done in the backstage.. and now with Suba Preview done.. its time to take it large scale.. and if things go right.. we hope to do a much better and bigger show of the drama sometime soon.. 

with that done, next up was SDP submissions.. and no.. i do not wanna talk abt it.. all i will say is that im happy with the outcome of the assignment and thats the last i will have to do sumthing like that... may be the assignment was a bit challenging due to certain constraints that we had to go thru in addition to the drama we had to perform..

so exit SDP and enter Curtain Call 2011.. the annual inter apiit drama competition 2011.. and once again i played a part in the drama.. this time from the back end as a backstage crew of the William Gotshot drama.. and gosh.. the fun we had with this drama too.. it was epic i would say.. although this was much smaller with a cast of 6 members and a crew of 6 members.. this was a drama for all those involved to remember..

so with weeks of practicing, and after being virtually dead after suba (which was jst 4 days earlier and SDP submission which was jst the day b 4.. it was time to pull the socks back on and back to old skool on planning and implementing a successful event.. and oh boy yes we did.. hats off to shohan for a wonderful job in planning the backstage and for the crew for implementing it perfectly and for the cast (deshan, netha, bena, mad, mandy, janu) for doing a very good job with the acting... also it shud b noted that we were also placed 3rd in the competition (altho i personally feel we shud have come 2nd.. but then.. as thomians we accept wat is best). also congradulations to Deshan for being the best actor in the competition.. seriously i enjoyed watching him acting and especially falling :P:P:

all in all.. it was a day full of fun and yeah we all enjoyed it.. and yet another exhausting day and a week comes to an end... of course, weeks after it all finished, we all still talk about it and the friendships made still remain strong.. personally i would like to thank the people who called me into the drama for suba.. coz that got me starting in this area too.. now im all ready for backstage at any drama.. or for that matter, i dont mind a lil acting too.. ;)

well with all that coming to an end.. the semester too has come to an end.. and that means exams.. as usualy exams were like eating a piece of cake for me.. and then the last day of the semester and for the first year.. it was fun going arnd colombo with the set was fun...

so its that time of the year where the class is broken into different classes.. although there was sooo much that happened during the past one year at apiit, i sincerely say that i would miss the class as a whole big time.. being the class rep i jst had a link with almost everyone in the class.. and now im gonna miss that. hope the new class will be pretty much the same as it was before..

and also next up is SAC elections for which ive decided to contest this year.. elections coming up next week and campaigning starts tomorrow so busy week ahead.. lets c how i can fair at an election.. not that im gonna stop working if i loose.. :P:P:P

and once again, jst gotta say that the past two months some wonderful things have happened in my live and im soooo greatful to god for all that.. i just hope that things work out properly in the future too...

so long for now... got sum TV shows to watch nw dat holidays have started...


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