Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Periodic Table of Google Elements

so you guys would have already seen this making the rounds in the internet and all...
but i never saw in any website where a whole list of the stuff thats there on the table been published.. so here i go.. i make the effort.. found a good high res pic (thx to labnol/digital inspiration) and with much difficulty trying to figure out wat is wat n put it here...

so here i go... if i can read one, i will jst put da symbol only or "x" marks...

Ol 21 - Google took Street View to the 21st Winter Olympics in Vancouver mappings parts of Whistler Mountain via Snowmobile.
MJ 5000 - Twitter reported 5000 Michael Jackson related tweets on the afternoon he died.
Ir 3 - 3000 YouTube videos were uploaded from Iran in the first 24 hours of the 2009 presidential election xxxxxxxx.
Yc 08 - YouTubes YouChoose '08 channel featured 14 presidential candidates, 4 candidates from the senatariol race, and 1 Gubernatorial race.
Ht 46 - Google's Person Finder app helped track 46000 missing Haiti earthquake victims.
Ipl 20 - YouTube's India Premier League channel had over 55 million views in Spring 2010.
Wc 12 - 12 million people per minute visited internet news sites on the 2010 World Cup's opening day, a record.
Lew 98 - Drudge Report breaks the story that Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was the first story to break online.
Ka 100 -
Ba 250 -
Gn 911 -
Itw 20 -
St 3x - Search traffic from tripled in the first half of 2010.
Tr 70 - Google translates over 160 million pages everyday in over 70 languages.
Aw 00 - The first AdWords as (for Lively Lobsters) went live in 2000.
Nav 1 - Over 1 billion miles have been navigated with Google Navigate.
Ad 1 - Over 1 million businesses are AdWords advertisers.
Cid 33 - More than 33% of the monetized views on YouTube are claimed via Content ID.
Dcp 45 - The Double Click platform servers over 45 billion ads per day.
Tv 30 - over 30% of our TV ads advertisers are new to TV advertising.
As 80 - AdSense reaches 80% of all internet users every month.
Sp 70 - More than 70% of incoming gmail traffic are spam. but less than 1% shows up in your inbox.
Yt 24 - 24 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The equivalent of 137000 full length movies.
Ap 3 - Google Apps adds over 3000 paid users every day.
Gdn 1 - Over 1 million websites are on the Google Display Network.
Bo 12 - Google has scanned over 12 million books.
Api 4 - There are more than 4 billion daily hits xxxxx at Google API's.
Do 175 - There are 175 Google Search Domains.
Ne 1 - Google drives over 1 billion clicks to news sites every month.
Eco 54 - AdWords generated over $54 billion in Economic activity for American Businesses and organisations in 2009.
And 200 - Over 200000 Android devices ship worldwide everyday.
Fud 85 - There are 85 cafes on Google campuses worldwide.
Bm 1998 - The first Google doodle was Burning Man in 1998.
To 05 - Our first international office opened in Tokyo in 2005.
Jk 1 - Google's first April fools joke announced Google's ability to read your mind as you visualize your search results you want.
Au 900 - There have been over 900 Authors @ Google talks. The first was Malcolm Gladwell
Sol 1.6 - 1.6 Megawatts of Electricity are generated by the photovoltaic panels at the Mountain View Office.
Gt 200 - Over 200 goats regularly work at the Mountain View campus clearing and fertilizing fields.
Min 7 - Meetings at Google xxxx 7 minutes xxxx on average.
Pt 20 - Google 20% projects xxxx to News, Sky, Suggest, Moderator and the Google free shuffle system.
Of 70 - There are 70 google offices worldwide.
Bk 650 - The gBike program in Mountain View started with 650 bikes in 2007.
Ck 466 -
Sw 99 -
UK 86 - In the UK, Children are more likely to own a cell phone than they are a book. (86% of kids aged 7-16 own a cell phone while 73% own a book)
Zb 1.2 - The planets digital content in 2010 1.2 zettabytes (equivalent to 1 billion terrabytes).
Kid 7 -The average American kid downloads their first piece of media content (such as video or music) at the age of 7.
Mb 91 - 91% of mobile users keep their phones within reach 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.
Se 210 - 210 billion emails are sent out everyday.
Pb 10 - Approximately 10 pettabytes of new information is generated everyday.
On 26 - Today, over 26% of the worlds population (1.5billion people ) has internet access compared to 1.7% ten years ago.
Ch 240 - In China, 240 million people regularly watch videos online and a quarter of them stopped watching regular TV last year.
Iq 7 - Iraq was the #7 search term in 2003.
Ms 5 - Mobile search is up 5x in the past 2 years.
Ga 09 - Lady Gaga was the top image search query in 2009.
Sp 1 - The fastest rising search query in 2008 was Sarah Palin.
Lol 211 - Charlie bit my finger video has over 211 million views on YouTube.
Pm 4.82 - Users spent 4.82 million hours playing the Google PacMan doodle in May 2010.
Vs 30 - Nearly 30% of searches from Droids and Nexus Ones are via Voice Search.
Nt 1909 - in the October 1909 issue of Popular Mechanics, Nikola Tesila predicted the Wireless Internet.
Arp 4 - The original 4 nodes of ARPANET were University of Utah, UCLA, UC Santa Barbera and Stanford Research Institute.
Em :) - The first documented use of an emoticon was in a typed letter to CMU's Computer science board in 1962.
In 3 - It took 37 years for radio to reach 50 million North American users, 15 years for TV, 6 for cable, and just 3 for internet.
Www 90 - The World Wide Web launched in 1990.
Dot 00 - The Nasdaq Composite lost 78% of its value in 2000.
Mo 93 - The first popular web browser (Mosaic) launched in 1993.
Qe 76 - In 1976, Queen Elizabeth was the first head of state to send an email. In 2007 she launched a YouTube channel.
Vc 74 - Vint Cerf proposed the idea of the internet in 1974.
Lo 69 - the first message sent from the internet is Lo (cut of from Login) in 1969.
Cu 91 - The first webcam was at Cambridge University in 1991. It pointed at the Coffee maker so weary computer programmers could avoid the trip to an empty pot.

so thats the whole list.. only 6 missing.. plus i think 4 words also missing...

pretty interesting stuff too.. never knew most of these stuff... hats off to the makers of this....

and by any chance u get to know what those missing parts above are, please do let me know what they are so I can fill them up..



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