Thursday, September 30, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 | My Views and Comments!!

Commonwealth Games... a multi-sport even organized once in every 4 yrs by the Commonwealth Games Federation where teams from member nations of the Commonwealth of Nations participate. Most of the nations are those that were ruled by the British Monarch in the past. 54 countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations but around 70+ teams usually participate in the games as certain independent states of countries send in separate teams.

By now anyone reading this article probably knows that the latest edition of this games is to be held in New Delhi in India starting on the 3rd of October n goes on for almost 2 weeks after which the Commonwealth Para Games will begin in the same venue.
With less than a few days more to go for the Opening Ceremony, so much controversy has surrounded the sporting event!!! Infrastructure Problems, Health Problems, Accommodation, and mainly Corruption and many more.. 
During the last few weeks there i havent seen a single day pass by without a news regarding some problem with the CWG being published!! While reading all this, some thoughts just struck me...

First of all, we all know that India is a country that is in the South Asian region. And there isnt much difference between India and the other 7 South Asian countries.. knowing all this, why did they in the first place award the hosting rights to India ??? couldnt the 42 nations who voted for India think of these problems in 2003 during the bidding process?? or was this a conspiracy theory by some wealthy nations to bring down India by awarding the games and knowing they may fail so that they can downgrade the country??? cant understand why!!

Then the Media!! especially the Indian media!! common guys.. lets be fair shall v?? its your own country... try to be nice!! its you who should be supporting the country while the someone is against it!! you shouldnt be supporting those against the country!! thats like being a traitor... 

true that there have been corruption taking place... we all can agree on it.. but then its India... people are like that... you cant just change people with the click of your fingers!! that cant happen and that will never happen!!! but still look at the positive side!!! even though people have done corruption, taken money, still hasnt a good job been done?? the infrastructure been improved quite a lot... new venues, etc etc... what not talk about those?? why talk about the corruption only? talk about the new road.. new or renovated stadiums, new transport facilities... with all that, talking only about corruption is unfair!! if your doing a media coverage, then be fair and balanced!! never be biased to the bad side only.. talk about the good side too... ive seen very few media coverage of the new facilities and infrastructure but hundreds of news items on the corruption. not so good you know..

then the infrastructure!! why are you complaining?? iam asking this question from those athletes and nations who are complaining about them... if you can come to countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and some countries in Africa for vacation and can stay, why cant you stay in a country that is trying to provide a better service to you than what you get as a tourist?? how come?? concerned about health issues??? then why are you even doing sports?? if your doing sports, you should understand the fact that you will have to go to foreign countries to compete.. if you cant do that then why not leave without complaining and give another person who is willing to participate a chance?? your not doing a thin and not allowing another person to do something also.. 

complaining saying the stadiums are not world class!!! what bull crap is that?? only if the stadiums are world class will you people compete in them or what?? always remember that there are thousands of athletes out their who are better than you who arnt able to compete with you people only because they dont have the proper means to get thru to the would stage!! give those people in those poor countries in Africa and Asia and all your records will be broken in a few days time!!! know that!!! and also know that they are ready to compete in even worse conditions than what you would consider the worst!! so be happy for what you get... compete and make your country proud rather than complaining and pulling out and all... all those acts show how unsportsmanlike you are... i mean seriously. get a life!!! all you people were born naked!!! not with cloths worth thousands wrapped around you!!! take a look at life... look at how life is in the other side of the world!! look how some of your very own country's acts make the lives of so many miserable in these countries!!! understand the truth!!!

now for those complaining indians!! stop it will ya!! your country is trying to do something good for yourself and you try to tear that apart by complaining?? people are trying to do their best with the best they've got and your complaining?? why not you take up the task if you think your so good at it??? 

especially for the CWG Official Anthem made by A.R.Rahman.. such a wonderful song!!! and your comparing it to Waka Waka??? how dare you?? A.R.Rahman is a double Oscar winner!! and Shakira not even one!!  how is it even possible to compare the both?? Waka Waka was written for a completely different audience... This song is for some one different!! Shakira has a different culture!! We ASIANS have a different culture!! how can they even be compared?? its lyk listening to a Classical song and a Rock Song and saying Classical sucks!! no it doesnt!! go deep into the song... understand the meaning of it!! Waka Waka has no connection to football ever!! its a soldiers march song!! and wasnt even written by Shakira!! she jst remade it!! and Rahman made a completely new song!!.. understand these facts!!

and common... the most important part!! india is hosting this for the very first time!!! so dont expect everything to be perfect!!

get sum life guys.. stop complaining abt everything n start appreciating wat u have!! world will b a much better place that way!!!


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