Friday, September 10, 2010

"Burn A Quran" Day and the World Wide Impacts

Quran - The MOST Holiest Book of Islam and for Muslims.

Rev. Terry Jones, a Pastor of a place called the Dove Center in Florida in the USA has started a world wide controversy with his event to commemorate the 9/11... and this is, to BURN the Quran in public!!! He has said that he plans to burn around 200 copies of the Quran and has called in people to join in his mission which he says is to "send a message to the radical Muslims to stop what they are doing". And this like all other was reported in the media and has now sparked a global controversy... With countries like Indonesia and Pakistan saying that if the event goes ahead, bad consequences will follow.

Muslims make up almost 25% of the population with around 1.6 billion muslims around the world.. and all the 1.6 billion muslims believe in the Quran and consider it the holy book even having certain procedures before accessing the book. In a situation like this, if such an incident takes place.. imagine even if half of the 1.6 billion people get into revenge mode?? imagine the implications that can happen in the world???  USA is a country that has a presence in almost every country in the world.. there are around 50+ countries in the world that are islamic countries and another lot where muslims make up a large part of the population... 

THIS COULD BE A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CATASTROPHE!!! might get even worse than the World Wars with literally thousands of people being killed... Especially in the middle east where there are more americans than in any other countries in addition to the existing hatred, this could be like adding fuel to an already burning fire!! jst will make it worse!!

and guess what?? nothing can be done through the law to this guy as the American CONSTITUTION protects him!! well my question is, does the American constitution protect only him?? then what about all the other American citizens whose life may be put in danger due to his acts?? what about their right of living?? isnt that affected?? just because 50 people off their brains want to do something, doesnt mean that lives of millions others can be put in danger can it??

The event hasnt even happened yet and already world leaders are talking out.. It is reported in the news that the Indonesian President has written to President Obama asking him to stop this in the name of WORLD PEACE!! Pakistan government has condemned this act. Bahrain has said that this is a shameful act. Malaysia has condemned this.. India has condemned this act. And more countries have also condemned this..

And now the President Obama has also stepped in... In an interview given to a US TV he has said that this is a recruitment bonanza for the Al-Queda.. Also a few days back the US Commander in Afghanistan stated that this act could put the live of thousands of American soldiers in risk. And still this nut case of a Pastor says he will go ahead with the planned event.

In addition to all this, Religious leaders around the world of all faiths have condemned this act!! If im not wrong, the Vatican has said that this is a vary grave incident and should not happen... Also other Jewish, Islamic and Christians leaders have also voiced their concerns.. Pastors of Centers and other religious dignitaries have said that this is a shameful act which should be stopped.

CNN Reports that the INTERPOL has also released an alert to all member countries that if this goes ahead, then there could be violence in countries.. the FBI has also joined in saying violence could erupt in the country.

With all this said, this pastor still says that he will go ahead. He also questions the fact saying "If Islam is a peaceful religion, then why are they planing on violence regarding this matter". Well Mr. Jones (I would call him Mr. instead of Rev. because in my views he's not fit to be a Rev. and is not religious at all), my answer to you is this. In our religion it says that we always have to maintain peace but when the religion is under attack, do not bow down!!! Iam sure if someone in Pakistan or Indonesia does something like "Burn a Bible" day, then you would be up in arms protesting against it saying how could they do it and also create violence in the country and torture the muslims mentally and physically.. but your saying we are supposed to keep quite?? how fair is that?? you can burn the holiest book of Islam and then expect the followers and believers to keep quite??

In my opinion what Mr.Jones is doing is instead of sending a message saying "STOP" he's giving a free pass for more!! 

Mr.Jones, If i personally meet you, my first question to you would be what religion do you belong to and what country do you belong to... Because if you say your a christian then you sure wouldnt do such a disgraceful act.. If you say your an American then how come you can call yourself an American when your putting the lives of millions of your countrymen and women in danger.. If you say that Osama Bin Laden is responsible for the deaths of around 3500 Americans on 9/11 then you are responsible for the deaths of Millions of Americans.. Which is big?? 3500 or Millions?? So who is the worst killer?? Bin Laden or Mr.Jones?? 

If Mr.Jones cant understand this simple thing, I wonder how in the world can he actually be a pastor who preaches to others. In my opinion, he is actually doing this for a publicity stunt. Probably the old man is out of his head and is a person who now wants to make it big in the world and so has pulled such a stunt. 

And also President Obama too along with other leaders say that this is a publicity stunt. But what are they doing??? One tomorrow is the D-Day and its yet to be seen what is to happen... Authorities are supposedly making every effort to stop this from happening by rejecting fire permits to create a bon fire and the US Legal Department having meetings to see how this can be legally stopped. So it is yet to be seen what the most powerful nation in the world can do to protect world peace!!

Now with the topic being world peace it is surprising to see the United Nations keeping a low profile in this issue except for the statement by the Secretary General against this act. As a world body responsible for world peace, the UN should be doing more in this issue in my opinion. Also with the UN Conference coming up this month, this matter could spark an international crisis... Sometime it may go out of control even. But its sad to see the UN not doing much on this issue.

So many important people have release statement against this act. A compilation of this statements by CNN can be viewed at

So with just a day to go, all we can do is raise our concerns and wait and see what happens. 

If this happens then it would be a very sad act. The reaction can only be imagined as we cannot predict what will happen. 

So until then, with prayers for world peace...


UPDATE 1 : After writing this post, I found a new news item on CNN website saying that the US State Department has issued a travel warning to all its citizen living visiting other countries..

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