Saturday, September 4, 2010

Air Force One - The Most Looked Upon Plane in the World

well, Iam sure that pretty much all of you out their knows what the Air Force One is... well there are chances that you wont be knowing so let me give you a small introduction.

Air Force One is the name that is the call name given to any plane that the President of the United States of American boards into. Actually there is a specialized plane that he exclusively uses for his air travel but that plane to can only be called the Air Force One only the US President gets into the plane.

Well this post is about this specialized plane. Actually its planes.. the US Air Force has two planes, identical in every aspect which is used for the transport of the US President ONLY. This plane has all the sophisticated systems and also defense systems aboard the plane is is like the portable version of the White House and the Oval Office.

And for your information, their is also the Presidential Helicopters which are called Marine One.

The following is a documentary made by National Geographic Channel about the Air Force One planes and how it operates etc. Its a good watch actually.

Watch it.... You will be amazed at certain things revealed in the video.

There is also a documentary made on the Marine One's which I will post soon after I watch them..

Hope you enjoyed it...


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