Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Of The Best Worst Dressed at the Cannes Film Festival!!

was going through a picture gallery on NDTV about the worst dressed ppl at the Cannes film festival held recently and the best of those are shown here...

note that all picture are copyright of NDTV k!!

believe it or not!! this is Mallika Sherewat from Bollywood...

k this is sum fresh actress.. gosh.. wat was she thinking actually??

probably was a tree or sumthing in her past life!!

the designer was probably on a low and tight budget i guess!!

no comments!!!!!!!!

anyone want to join a donation campaign to get this lady sum new and dresses that fit her??

she too probably thought she was a tree b 4...

excuse me.. da shoe is supposed to be worn in ur foot!!! not kept on ur shoulders!!

probably da person who was stitching it didnt get enough time!!

she probably remembered her nappy days i guess...

no offense but what kind of dress is that??

errrr... okayyyy....

thats it i guess!!! the others looked ok altho NDTV classified them as worse..

n joy!!!


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