Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#wewillnotforget (yeah like as if anyone can and would)

Sitting on a hospital bed, going thru my twitter feed, i find out that today is some kinda remembrance day for the US Army and the hashtag #wewillnotforget was being used for this...

Browsing thru the hashtag tweets, i find more negative tweets from people around the world on how they will never forget what the US army has done for their lives by destroying their families, killing their children, siblings, parents, friends etc instead of not forgetting their service to the nation of the so called US of A..

Taking a step back, i was just wondering is this all right. How is killing innocent civilians, children, women etc in the name of national security and world peace going to help protect your country? Isnt it only going to help create more enemies who want to take revenge on you and your countrymen? Then your child takes revenge then their child takes revenge.. Tit for tat n it goes on eh?

Leader of the free world they call him.. But what is this so called free world? Are we living in a free world? Is it possible for me to send my friend a text message without a govt agency and a US spying software reading the contents now or in the future? Who is trying to kid who here?

Terrorism in all form, govt or non govt shud be brought to an end is my personal opinion. You do it in the name of your religion, country, caste, race or even your own mother, wrong is wrong. Who gives you the authority to kill another human?

'they say' that 3000 ppl were killed in NYC during 9/11 so lets go and destroy all their countries, kill all the people possible, make the rest slaves or prisoners, put economic barriors on the country and destroy their religion and leave after millions n millions r affected.. How fair is this? Millions n millions of lives to compensate for 3000 lives? Are those 3000 lives some kind of super humans worth a thousand lives each? O.o

Directly involved in Japan(nuclear bombs), Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and indirectly involved in Egpyt, Syria, Turkey and many other Asian n African countries distrupting lives and peace, bringing sorrow and tears to the people, destabilizing n destroying countries and its people..

We'll if not for Americans and their , the world will surely never forget.. 

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