Thursday, January 23, 2014

And so starts 2014

Hello and welcome to my blog. Its been several  months since I posted something although I gotta say ive got several drafts on my blog which are half baked and some which I dont ever intend to publish.

So its been an eventful 2013.

Many news friends came into my life.. Some went out.. did certain things that I would never regret in my life.. learned a lot of important lessons and to top it off, ended with V Awards 2013.

Ive almost completed by higher education but thanks to some jerks and also part of my inability to study and understand maths fast enough, I was unfortunate not to graduate last year. So gotta wait another one more year.

Met some great guys in my life. Started working for ReadMe ( and did a cameo appearance at a certain software company.

As always, volunteering was a big part of my life over the year. Was part of the Twinning Schools Programme Grand Finale in Badulla.. Months of preparations (which i was not directly part of most of the time) and then a week of fun, experience, friend, volunteering for a good cause. And then in the end we just became one big family. And the fun we had since then. No comments.

And then came the big hurdle. The FINALS. got through them with gods grace I would say. no surprises there.

Come August. Hello V Awards 2013. The biggest volunteer appreciation show in the country was back for the 2nd edition. The late nights, the long discussions, the treats, the fun, another set of friends made and merged into my life, the intense debates, the running around madly, the secrecy and then finally the show on the 6th of December 2013. I can without a doubt say that I am immensely proud that I was part of a team that put it all together. Another project done and dusted.

No big surprises in terms of births or deaths (thank god). Only regret that I couldnt be there with my friends at the graduation even though I wasnt graduating.

One thing I realized during the year was that its nice to have friends who care about you genuinely no matter what. Im not gonna say which incident(s) this refers to but, its always nice to check up on a friend who may be in a bit of a trouble...

2014 is here.. Its 23 days since the new year dawned.. a year that I assume is going to be very important in my life. I have no idea what god has planed for me. But what ever that may be, I just hope I can pull through it all and talk about it in a similar post next year.

Lesson learned in 2013 : working with like minded people will always be easy. working with like minded people who are friends, will be easier..


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