Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Productive Ramadan | Animated Video Tips

so... its 22 days of fasting have passed by and we are on the eve of the 23rd ramadan... time goes by very fast doesnt it?? pretty fast i would say.. this year around ramadan has been pretty good.. way way much better than the previous years i would say.. many reasons.. probably coz im spending it with some new set of friends or the lower work load and plus some other very specific reasons which are better not to be told out.. so yeah.. ramadan has been good.. and with around 8 more days to go, time to start designing the e-card i guess.. hope to make an awesome one this time too like last year..

so.. coming to the main topic of the post.. its been 22 days.. and have we all ever thought about what we have been upto in the past 22 days?? how many prayers we missed?? what good deeds did we do?? etc? so many things to consider during fasting isnt it?? ;) 

well today, was at APIIT and a friend introduced me and a few others to this set of YouTube videos called the Productive Muslim videos.. this is a set of vdos buy a few guys with the intention of spreading islam in the correct way and in a much simpler way.. so with ramadan, these guys apparently came up with a series called the Productive Ramadan Animation series.. which is a series of a few vdos.. animated vdos.. very short. 1 min max.. saying sumthing in such a way that hits u ryt on the head and makes u realize ur mistakes..

pretty gud set of vdos so thought of sharing it here so that you guys can also chk them out.. click the Read More button below to chk out the vdos and pls do learn a lesson from it and do sumthing at least in the next 8 days k!!

got something on my mind that i need to write about.. will write on it once i finish my research on that topic.. should be this weekend insha allah.. so till then, enjoy the videos..

hope you enjoyed the videos and learnt a lesson from them...


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