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கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே!!!!

its been a hell of a day today... and after certain incidents that happened today, and listening to this song, just touched me really so well.. i just appreciate this song soo much now... so i thought of writing a post on this song and my thought on this.. 
all of you guys by now probably have heard this song.. its a very popular song now and with the acclaimed lyricist Vairamuththu winning an Indian National Award for this song, it jst go even more hit!! after a very long time, Vairamuththu had come of with a very touching and nice song.. all his songs are awesome but then there are certain songs of his that just strike the right cord to everyone... this is that kind of a song..

at first hearing this song sounds like a boring song.. but then listening to the song with the lyrics, it just makes you appreciate the song, as well as the lyricist.. what you appreciate even more after listening deeply to this song is your mother and most of all your own life.. 

there is no doubt that Vairamuththu is the best out there.. but then in this song.. the way he has lyricized the song... the way he says how much of a pain a mother endures to care for her child jst gives the song the extra bit of support needed to touch the listeners..

first you can listen to the song and then go thru the lyrics of it posted below and then ill tell you what i think about it all...

கள்ளிக்காட்டில்  பிறந்த  தாயே  
என்ன  கொல்லோடசி  வழர்த்த  நீயே
முல்லுகாட்டில்  முளைச்ச தாயே
என்ன முள்ளு  தைக்க  விடல நீயே

காடிக்கும்  காடு  குரிவிகும்  
எந்த  புதரிலும்  இடமுண்டு...
கோடிக்கும்  அடிக்கும்  குளிருக்கும்
தாயி  ஒதுன்கதான்  இடமுண்டா?.
கரட்டு  மேடையே  மாத்துனா
அவ  கள்ளபுளிஞ்சி  காஞ்சி ஊத்துனா
கரட்டு மேடையே மாத்துனா
அவ கள்ளபுளிஞ்சி காஞ்சி ஊத்துனா

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே
முல்லுகாட்டில் முளைச்ச தாயே
என்ன முள்ளு தைக்க விடல நீயே 

ஒலவு காட்டுல  வேத  வேதபாஹ்
ஒனகரடுல  கூழ்  குடிப்பாஹ்
அவாரன்-குலையில கை துடைபாஹ்
வெளி முள்ளில்  அவ வேரகேடுபாஹ்
நாழி  அரிசி  வச்சு  ஓலையரிப்பாஹ்
புள்ள  உண்ட  மிச்சம்  உண்டு  உசூர்  வழர்பாஹ்
கிழக்கு  விடியும்  முன்ன  முளிக்குராஹ்
அவ ஓலைக்க  பிடிச்சுதான்  தேரகுராஹ்
மன்ன  கிண்டித்தான்  போலைகிராஹ் 
உடல்  மக்கிபோக  மட்டும்  ஒழைகுராஹ் 

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே .....

தங்கம் தனி  தங்கம்  மாசு -இல்ல
தாய்ப்பால்  ஒன்னில்  மட்டும் தூசு  இல்ல
தாய்வழி  சொந்தம்  போல  பாசமில
நேசமில்ல  ...
தாயி  கையில்  என்ன மந்திரமா 
கேப்பகளியில்  ஒரு  நெய் -ஒழுகும்
காஞ்ச  கருவாடு  தென் -ஒழுகும்
அவ  சமைகயில..
சொந்தம்  நூறு  சொந்தம் இருக்குது
பேத தாயி போல ஒன்னு நெலைகுதா??
சாமி  நூறு சாமி  இருக்குது
தாயி ரெண்டு  தாயி இருக்குதா??

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே 

now listening to the song, Vijya Prakash has sung this song with so much passion and love that the song just gives you the feel and makes you listen to it over and over again.. while writing this post i think ive probably played the song around 10 times by now.. 

like i said before, Vairamuththu has written this so awesomely.. saying how precious a mother is.. how much a mother goes through.. the pain, the sorrow, the hardships all in the name of giving her child a better life... its simply awesome......

in this song, ive got two favourite lines or rather verses.. the one which says தங்கம் தனி  தங்கம்  மாசு -இல்ல, தாய்ப்பால்  ஒன்னில்  மட்டும் தூசு  இல்ல, தாய்வழி  சொந்தம்  போல  பாசமில, நேசமில்ல... which translates to Pure Gold is not adulterated.. like that only the mothers milk is the purest food... there is nothing compared to the love of the mother... just says it all doesnt it.. 

and then comes சொந்தம்  நூறு  சொந்தம் இருக்குது, பேத தாயி போல ஒன்னு நெலைகுதா??, சாமி  நூறு சாமி  இருக்குது, தாயி ரெண்டு  தாயி இருக்குதா?? which translates to you may have a hundread relatives, but is there a relative to you like your mother.. there are hundreads of seperate gods out there.. but is there two different mothers?? which again says it all.. as in.. in our young lives, we tend to thing of our mothers as you know just another person.. and think that friends are all that we need.. but there there are times where even your bestest friend may look and just wait while you need help.. friendship is just a relationship that we humans create.. but the relationship between a mother and a child is what god creates.. and that is why it is so special.. never can a mom giv the same affection and love she gives to her child to another child.. even if she had adpoted the child as a infant and raised the child all her life, she will still nt feel satisfied... that is hw strong a mothers love is.. 

listening to this song just gives me one message.. appreciate your life.. and appreciate your mother... coz you may be having a successful life out there but you should remember than you mother had gone throught so much pain so raise you.. be thankful to that.. even if your mother is someone who abandoned you at an early age, know that he bore you for 9 months and brought you out safely into this world before leaving you.. so appreciate that.. 

with that said, i feel like listening to the song again.. so ill leave you with a quote by Terri Guillemets which say "I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine - she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights."


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