Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rio 2011

ok so when i say Rio im pretty sure no one out there is gonna get the impression that im talking abt Rio de Janeiro where the FIFA World Cup is to be held in 2014 but im talking about the box office hit movie Rio!!!

few days back i had the privilege of watching Rio... and what can i say.. it jst fulfilled my expectations for a good animated movie after a long time..

the graphics was awesome.. a nice storyline.. and the music just mind blowing... the comedy... the way the film has been made all just proves that animated movies can also do a good job..

basically the movie is about an endangered bird who is taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to mate with the female of it and the adventures that the bird goes thru in the city of Rio...

its amazing at certain times to see what love can do you see.. true love also exists in animals.. not only with humans this movie shows.. but we all know the bitter truth that true love is very rarely seen in humans these days compared to animals... what animals do at times to protect their loved ones... altho the movie is a comedy movie, it also gives a deep meaning or rather a lesson out to everyone...

the movie at start is kinda boring.. i would say the first 10 or 20 mins.. but then after that you wont even realize that the time is passing coz it gets sooo interesting...

so without dragging much, jst telling u.. go and watch the bloody movie... but watch it only if ur into comedy, animation and some fun!! lyk action movies only?? this is definitely nt for u..

so my rating for this movie is 7/10... 3 reduced for certain mistakes here n there n for certain logical contradictions... but then overall, its a family entertainer.. go and watch it!!