Saturday, April 15, 2017

Waste Management Failure in Sri Lanka : We The Citizens Are To Be Blamed!!

After the incident at #Meethotamulla recently, I see so many who are posting articles about Waste Management and how its effectively done in other countries in the world and the big question in the end being WHY CANT SRI LANKA DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?

"Waste is not waste but a resource that has value" said Chinthaka Abeysekara at TEDxColombo 2016. He showed us how countries around the world have successfully monetized waste and recycled it to produce alternate sources of energy and much more.

So, again, why haven't we been able to do it yet? Well, the answer is simple. it is us. Yes, us, the people of this country! We the people of this country are stupid enough to elect the same corrupt irresponsible greedy pigs into power all the time at every election and they in-turn want bribes, commissions, favors from those who want to make these waste management plants which then discourages the private sector and the investors and today, we have over 10 innocent lives including 4 children who have paid the price with their lives and who knows how many more victims they are going to dig out of the landslide?

We are selfish enough to be electing officials who can do us favors, get us a job in the government, get our business a lucrative contract, get our children into schools, get out of paying fines and taxes, but have we ever thought, what has this guy done to the country? How did the guy build a palace out of a parliamentarians salary? Do we even know how much a member of parliament gets as a salary or how much it costs to the people of the country to have an MP with all the perks they get?

When one government comes into power, we think they are going to do a good job, after all, isnt that what they promised us during the elections? Didnt we all fight/argue over these manifestos on Facebook and at weddings and funerals? But what now? Once they come into power, it is the same old thieves who get power thanks to the loopholes in the system. And then, 4-6 years late, we do the same and again and again and again like a hamster on a wheel..

Its about time we change. Numerous lives have been lost due to not only this problem of waste management but many others that politicians have blatantly ignored as they have not been able to profit out of it. How many more should sacrifice their life before action is taken?

The people of Sri Lanka.. This is over to you!