Saturday, July 19, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : So?

The world goes mad when 200 girls are kidnapped. When women are raped. When USA is attacked. When UK is attacked. When a plane vanishes from earth. When journalists are jailed.

But when #Gaza is attacked, no one cares about it, its not a human rights violations, its not a war crime to hit hospitals, ambulances, disability support centers, houses and kill women and children mercilessly while playing on the streets, sleeping after staying up for hours.

Where are all the Human Right protectors?? Where are all the petitioners?? Where are all the human right organizations? Why is everyone silent when it comes to #Gaza?? Is it because you dont get enough $$$ to talk against these issues? Is it because your afraid your big posh offices in US and UK will be shut down if you talk against it?

When girls being kidnapped, women being raped, journalists being jailed are considered crimes worth of international attention, how come killing humans, bombing houses, destroying communities, targeting emergency services isnt considered a crime? Is it because they are #Muslims or is it because they arnt considered #Humans?

If Al-Queda targeting American citizens is a crime, if Hamas targeting Israel citizens is crime, If Lashkar-e-Taiba targeting Indians is a crime, If the LTTE targeting Sri Lankans is a crime, If the terrorist organization is Ireland targeting Britain was a crime, how come Israel targeting Gaza is right? Is it because Israel is a country and not an organization like Al-Queda, Hamas or LTTE? What kind of logic is this?

The US and UK are publicly known for providing arms and weapons to Israel. If so, arent they also a supporter to the crimes committed by Israel? Shouldn't they also be held responsible for the crimes committed?

Terrorism committed by any organization or government in the name of anything is a crime. Be it Israel, America, UK, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Al-Queda, Hamas, LTTE; wrong is wrong and a crime is a crime.

The world keeps silent while the death toll keeps rising in Gaza. Only time will tell what will happen to them in the future. After all, dont many of us believe in karma?

Pray for peace in this world. Pray for health of Humans!