Friday, March 16, 2012

Beautiful Colombo - Lets Be Proud About

Over the years, we have been looking at pictures of foreign countries and foreign places and wondered how beautiful they are and why our own country is not like that. But with the years passing by and some very large scale development projects being carried out in Sri Lanka and with the Colombo Beautification project underway, things seem to have started to change.. many of those living in Colombo may have seen this change taking place. The area around Gangarama, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Independence Square and the surroundings, Galle Road from Bambalapitiya junctions to Kolpetty are some of the prime examples of these development and beautification project(s).

Recently, i received an email with a set of pictures of Colombo and i couldnt not resist sharing these pictures. Our Colombo beautified even more through the skillful eyes of the wonderful photographers who captured these photographs. Im sharing these pictures here for all to see. Copyrights for all these pictures belong to the respective photographers and hats off to these photographers for these lovely pictures.

Take a look at them and see how our Colombo has changed from the times we knew sometime back...

what do you think of Colombo now eh?? pretty good looking aint it??? lets hope this continues and the whole country looks the same in the near future..