Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Update on Life Happenings in the past few weeks

so its been quite a loooooong time since I blogged and so I decided to take some time off today and put something up.. well jst to say that yeah im still living... and yeah im still having a straight mind.. and to just put out some stuff that's been happening in my life..

well its been some hectic time during the past few weeks.. submissions, study sessions, exams and the list goes on and on and on... sigh.. surprised that I got thru all that and still standing straight with a clear mind..

with the end of the World Cup 2011 and the IPL also starting and taking up much precious "study time" of ordinary students that too came to and end jst to start the SL tour of england... and its been cricket.. cricket.. and cricket all along.. and simply love it..

and so wats happening with my education.. nothing much.. had some hectic weeks with back to back assignment submissions.. and then presentations... thank god it all went well... and all because i had a pretty awesome set of team members... and like always, everyone worked together.. best part was in one of the presentations my system shouldnt work but it miraculously worked god knows hw.. and then the exams.. seriously i have a problem with studying for exams.. will write a separate post on exams and studying for them later on.. but then was able to manage the exams in a pretty easy way except for one last subject but still im hopeful of getting gud grades..

and with that starts the event organizing... one thing i love to do except for meddling with computers.. my former job of organizing events at college n nw, thanks to the Student Activity Club of APIIT, im able to continue with that here too.. and simply loving the experience so far.. first event coming up this weekend and so hope it will be a resounding success.. then the second event comes a few weeks later and hope thats also a pretty big success...

and along with all this, the 3rd semester also starts.. Java, SDP, Networking, Telecom.. hope this is gonna be a good semester too.. first 2 sems were awesome.. hope to finish the 3rd sem the same way.. and thanks to my good frnd n brotha Rifaz at APIIT for helping out with the assignments..

and some pretty good movies out too during the last few months.. Fast Five.. another awesome movie in the series.. love the races n the tac-tics.. then came Kung Fu Panda.. OMG!!! love that bloody movie.. Jack Black shud b awarded with the best voice over for a animated character coz he plays it sooo damn well.. and the scriptwriters.. gotta give them all the bloody awards... a must watch these 2 movies are..

any way.. so long upto now.. got loadz more work to do.. got Age of Empires 3 today.. gotta chk that out n c if my gaming skills r still intact... its been almost 5yrs since i played a game with so much seriousness.. gotta see wat can b done nw..

so long now..

hope u guys have an awesome time..