Friday, December 9, 2011

UN Volunteers, V-Force and V-Awards.. A Journey Begins...

If you've been watching Sirasa TV, Channel One MTV or Shakthi TV or listened to the radio stations also owned by the same network over the past few months you would have seen or heard about V-Awards. A one of a kind and also the first of a kind event in Sri Lanka this is. V-Awards, like the tagline says for itself "Shinning a Light of Those who serve in Silence" is an event which is an awards show that was organized to honor, support, say thanks, encourage and to bring out those people around the nation in Sri Lanka who have served in silence to serve the people without thinking of their own personal benefits. 

A joint effort by the International Year of Volunteers +10 National Steering Committee and News 1st along with many other partner organizations such as the UN Volunteers and others was V-Awards. Hundreds of applications were received from various parts of the island nominating many individuals who have done tremendous work in terms of volunteer service and from these applications, 26 were short listed to be the best of the lot. 

Come, December 5th 2011.. its International Volunteer Day 2011.. and best of all, its the 10th Anniversary of the IVD since it was started way back in 2001.. and so like everywhere in the world, here in Sri Lanka also, plans were drawn up to celebrate the day in style and this time it included having the V-Awards Announcing the Finalists show too...

V-Awards Announcing the Finalists show was a veeeery grand event held at the Stien Studios Ratmalana, which boasts as one of the largest ever in South Asia and owned by the MTV / MBC Networks. With a large amount of guests including VIP's, nominees, their families, friends and everyone else, the event was a resounding success. First the 26 shortlisted nominees were felicitated on stage and then the shot list was brought down to 15 finalists who were announced one by one with a surprise factor coming in where a volunteer from the V-Force shadowing them awarding them with the certificate and im proud to say i was also one of those who awarded one of the nominees. In addition to all these, other events such as entertainment items and what not were performed to make the event a huge success.

While I was talking about the event up there, you would have noticed I had talked about a V-Force.. even the title of this post says so.. And im sure if you didnt knw abt it all this time, you would be wondering what exactly the V-Force is.. to tell you a bit about it, the V-Force is a group of volunteers who have joined up to volunteer themselves for these projects and probably many more to come in the future. There are almost 300 members in the V-Force and around half of them played a part in the V-Awards show too... 

To be honest, volunteering is not something thats new for me. Since long time, ive been helping out with projects on my own just so that the others feel that they have an extra hand in their team to support them. Ive been part of the Red Cross in school level and also participated in many CSR projects done during school times and continued the trend into uni life too with joining the student club as a volunteer and working in events.. Once i heard about the V-Force and the UN Volunteers thing thru an event that was supported by the V-Force, i always wanted to join in... and so thru a V-Force website i submitted by application to join and thus started receiving updates on events being held and stuff.. I badly wanted to participate in many of these events but never was able to due to the work load i had with lectures and stuff but when the V-Awards update came i was determined that i atleast be part of this and get started with this.. and thus started my role in V-Force.. ive worked in a V-Force event for only two days but its been fun.. to see the different kinds of people who come in to join hands for worthy causes.. its good to see it.. especially youth coming together.. means a lot.. a whole lot more in a country like Sri Lanka just after a war has ended...i just hope this V-Force doesnt break up and stays strong and grows in the years to come and i be part of it...

There is a quotation that i remember reading somewhere which says "If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours".. this is probably the basics of volunteerism... you can have all the money in the world but you will lack happiness. volunteer yourself to make someone happy and see yourself smiling too.. Just like Mr.Heenbanda (finalist of V-Awards) said in his AV on the V-Awards day... "money is nothing. i do not take money for what i do.. i do it for personal satisfaction. the smile on another persons face when they feel good just keeps me running".. this is true volunteerism.. 

to leave you with, i attach a picture gallery of the V-Awards event held last week and also a news coverage clip of the V-Awards...

Created with flickr slideshow.

Just like Marion Wright Eddelman said.. "Service is the rent we pay for living.".. so... HAVE YOU PAID YOUR RENT???


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Its been almost two and a half months now since we as a team performed Suba, a drama of untold stories and realities that happen and its been a great experience for us all... with no video coverage of the drama done, but having an excellent photography coverage done by some of our own photographers who gave us almost 500 photographs of before the event, the event and post event i decided to make a video of the best of the 500 lot so as to serve as a memory in the years to come.. if you missed watching suba or was not part of Suba, you can take a look at this video and see how much fun we had during those few weeks....

im just hoping that we be able to do yet another drama like this soon....


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di?????

so once every now and then, there comes a song that will hit the audience like a storm.. and here is one such song from the upcoming movie "3". Directed by Aishwarya Dhanush starting Danush and Shrutti Hassan. The song why this Kolaveri penned and sung by Danush himself has deep meaning in it altho its said in a funny way.. chk it out and have fun..


Hello Boys.. I am Singing Song..
Soup Song.. Flop Song..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri? Dee..
Distance'la Moon'nu Moon'nu
Moon'nu Color'ru White'tu
White'tu Background Night'tu Nigth'tu
Night'tu Color'ru Black'ku
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
White'tu Skin'nu Girl'lu Girl'lu
Girl'lu Heart'tu Black'ku
Eyes'su Eyes'su Meet'tu Meet'tu
My Future Dark'ku..
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Dee?
Mama, Notes Eduthuko..
Apdiye Kaila Snacks Eduthuko..
Papapa Papapapa Papapa Pa Pa..
Šeriya Vaasi..
Šuper Mama Ready.. Ready 1 2 3 4..
What A Change Over Mama
Agaim Mama.. Nøw Tune Change'ju..
Kaila Glass'su.. Only Ènglish'sa..
Hand'la Glass'su
Glass'la Šcøtch'chu
Èyes'su Full'la Tear'ru
Èmpty Life'fu, Girl Cøme'mu
Life'fu Reverse'su Gear'ru
Løve'vu Løve'vu Oh My Løve'vu
Yøu Šhøw Tø Me Pøw'vu
Cøw'vu Cøw'vu Køzhi Cøw'vu
I Want Yøu Here Nøw'vu
Gød I am Dying Nøw
Šhe Is Happy Høw'vu?
This Šøng'gu Pass Tø Bøys'su
We Døn't Have Chøice'su
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Why This Kølaveri Kølaveri Kølaveri Dee
Fløp Šøng..

Monday, October 31, 2011


Ra One - A Personal Review

so its that time of the year where movies from India start bursting into the market... yes Diwali... the time when usually big time movies from india are released while a few less fortunate small timers also release... so among all the movies released for Diwali 2011, was Ra One... India's most expensive film after Endhiran which has a similar theme and was released almost a year ago during the same time...

so after much hype about the film, the songs were release a month or so ago and as expected was a commercial success.. Chammak Challo by Akon was probably the best song... while a few more songs like Criminal and Dildara were my personal favourites.. and with that came the movie on Diwali day...

although i did not have the privilege to watch it in a theater, i was able to grab a pretty decent rip of it off the internet coz i badly wanted to watch it.. and i should say, i wasnt disappointed at all.. it was a pretty decent movie.. although there were pre movie reviews and rumors which stated that it was a copy of the movie Endhiran, i certainly disagree... the story was although on a similar theme, was different.. it was a different concept, a different technology if it may be said and also different setting and environment...

one thing i would praise about this film is the technicality of the film.. the graphics, the VFX, the sound engineering were very very very much better compared to other indian sci-fi movies.. it can be said that some technical errors done in endhiran have been carefully corrected in Ra One...

many of the scenes in the movies were kinda a copy from other movies like endhiran, spiderman, superman, batman and tron as far as i can identify but it was with a difference... not an exact copy but similar to it.. altho endhiran did not show much of the technical aspects of making the machine, Ra One addressed that problem by explaining what the technology is etc which give the movie a different sense..

apart from this, SRK's acting in the first parts were good.. the places where he talks in tamil adds more humor to the movie..

a word or two must be said about the music and sound of the movie.. pretty good music.. songs were awesome.. also the tamil version of the songs were excellent it should be said.. loved the music.. especially the BGM of the film.. excellent.. love the "paiththiyakkara paiththiyakkara" background music.. plus other music.. suits the movie perfectly...

it should be noted that SRK took some pretty big risks considering this movie and needless to say, they have all paid off well.. getting Akon to sing... getting south indian Super Star Rajinikanth to play a 2 min cameo in the movie, prinyanka chopra, sanjay dutt doing cameos have all paid off very well.. especially akon and rajini..  

all in all it should be said that the movie is a pretty good commercial entertaining movie and a must watch.. i can safely say that Ra One has taken the 2nd big step after Endhiran to make sci-fi and technologically advanced hollywood range movies... 

go and watch it.. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Assignment, Drama's, Exams, Sleepless Nights and Life

so so so.. its been more than a month since ive posted here and i think it is time now to post something and update this blog of mine on things happening around and with me in the past month or so.. 

With ramadan coming to an end at the end of August, it was time for assignment submissions, exams and what not in the academic life to come along as the semester was coming to an end.. but this time, the fun started in a different way.. that was with Thomian Fair 2011.. the most awaited fair in Sri Lanka held every few years was back.. and this time bigger and better than the last time when it was held 7 years ago.. it was a fun filled event with a packed crowd and being one of those people who helped in what ever way possible for the fair to become a success, im proud of myself for what i did in addition to having all the fun with friends.. but like they always say.. when good things happen, sumthing will try to ruin it.. oh yes... its assignments.. even during the fair, there was this assignment submission that had to be done.. and like always, what ever the obstacle may be, the assignment was done on time and then it was fun all nyt long at the thora fair.. it was a fun filled affair and after all the rumour stating that the thora fair will be a failure due to happenings in college, the organizing committee proved them wrong with a fair that can be called completely successful and for that i congratulate the organizing committee for a job well done and for giving us a chance to meet old friends and say to our grandchildren in the future that i was part of Thora Fair 2011... (FYI if anyone of you want to see pictures of the Thora Fair, its available at

well probably by now, you know that for me, personally doing assignments is a fun affair for me.. and right after the thora fair began the fun. submissions, submission and more submissions.. phew.. i would say.. september has been a month that i cannot forget for very many reasons.. some of which i will tell you in this post but seriously.. september 2011.. gosh.. one month in my life that i will always remember.. 

so with all the submissions.. the presentations.. the documenting process.. and the road trip around colombo after which having lunch at 7pm (thasi, shohan, hirosh, dilshan will remember this day all their lives) and what not, it was time for some extra curricular activities too.. and this time, it was time for me to step into a unknown territory for me.. ive been involved in various different extra curricular activities but this was the first time i was involved in a drama.. and not just one.. but two dramas and probably more in the future.. 

SUBA - A drama written by Ms.Marini de Livera of the APIIT Law School was a drama about one girls journey to fight the violations of human rights and human trafficking in Sri Lanka... from the first day of practices we had for the drama up until now, its been fun being part of  this production.. students from APIIT Business School, Law School, and School of Computing and Foundation Classes all came together to put up this production.. althought it was done on a low scale with a small script with very little help and extra props and stuff, the drama was a resounding success in terms of putting up a good show and various other aspects.. new friends were made.. new skills were brought out.. new experiences... and boy.. this was fun.. and i mean it.. the event was held at the Lumbini College Hall.. 

although we had a very limited audience, we had fun.. we enjoyed ourselves in doing what we did. with all the little misunderstanding, arguments, breaking down sessions and oh yeah, assignments, it was finally a first class performance in terms of saying amateurs did the acting.. i myself acted in the role of a politician in this drama which was the first time i acted in a drama in years.. although in every damn practice session we had i never got my lines correct, when it came to the final show, thanks to all mighty god, my lines were perfect.. :) 

all the fun we had during the times we practiced for the drama.. all the little sacrifices made for the success of the drama.. gosh... it all paid off very well.. and seriously hats off to all my friends who acted in the drama.. (netha, bena, mandy, mad, charith, bimba, kani, janu, mili, benja, dinushi and everyone else) ive never seen such a perfect drama being put up after practicing in such a short time.. and also to the backstage crew for a wonderful job done in the backstage.. and now with Suba Preview done.. its time to take it large scale.. and if things go right.. we hope to do a much better and bigger show of the drama sometime soon.. 

with that done, next up was SDP submissions.. and no.. i do not wanna talk abt it.. all i will say is that im happy with the outcome of the assignment and thats the last i will have to do sumthing like that... may be the assignment was a bit challenging due to certain constraints that we had to go thru in addition to the drama we had to perform..

so exit SDP and enter Curtain Call 2011.. the annual inter apiit drama competition 2011.. and once again i played a part in the drama.. this time from the back end as a backstage crew of the William Gotshot drama.. and gosh.. the fun we had with this drama too.. it was epic i would say.. although this was much smaller with a cast of 6 members and a crew of 6 members.. this was a drama for all those involved to remember..

so with weeks of practicing, and after being virtually dead after suba (which was jst 4 days earlier and SDP submission which was jst the day b 4.. it was time to pull the socks back on and back to old skool on planning and implementing a successful event.. and oh boy yes we did.. hats off to shohan for a wonderful job in planning the backstage and for the crew for implementing it perfectly and for the cast (deshan, netha, bena, mad, mandy, janu) for doing a very good job with the acting... also it shud b noted that we were also placed 3rd in the competition (altho i personally feel we shud have come 2nd.. but then.. as thomians we accept wat is best). also congradulations to Deshan for being the best actor in the competition.. seriously i enjoyed watching him acting and especially falling :P:P:

all in all.. it was a day full of fun and yeah we all enjoyed it.. and yet another exhausting day and a week comes to an end... of course, weeks after it all finished, we all still talk about it and the friendships made still remain strong.. personally i would like to thank the people who called me into the drama for suba.. coz that got me starting in this area too.. now im all ready for backstage at any drama.. or for that matter, i dont mind a lil acting too.. ;)

well with all that coming to an end.. the semester too has come to an end.. and that means exams.. as usualy exams were like eating a piece of cake for me.. and then the last day of the semester and for the first year.. it was fun going arnd colombo with the set was fun...

so its that time of the year where the class is broken into different classes.. although there was sooo much that happened during the past one year at apiit, i sincerely say that i would miss the class as a whole big time.. being the class rep i jst had a link with almost everyone in the class.. and now im gonna miss that. hope the new class will be pretty much the same as it was before..

and also next up is SAC elections for which ive decided to contest this year.. elections coming up next week and campaigning starts tomorrow so busy week ahead.. lets c how i can fair at an election.. not that im gonna stop working if i loose.. :P:P:P

and once again, jst gotta say that the past two months some wonderful things have happened in my live and im soooo greatful to god for all that.. i just hope that things work out properly in the future too...

so long for now... got sum TV shows to watch nw dat holidays have started...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Productive Ramadan | Animated Video Tips

so... its 22 days of fasting have passed by and we are on the eve of the 23rd ramadan... time goes by very fast doesnt it?? pretty fast i would say.. this year around ramadan has been pretty good.. way way much better than the previous years i would say.. many reasons.. probably coz im spending it with some new set of friends or the lower work load and plus some other very specific reasons which are better not to be told out.. so yeah.. ramadan has been good.. and with around 8 more days to go, time to start designing the e-card i guess.. hope to make an awesome one this time too like last year..

so.. coming to the main topic of the post.. its been 22 days.. and have we all ever thought about what we have been upto in the past 22 days?? how many prayers we missed?? what good deeds did we do?? etc? so many things to consider during fasting isnt it?? ;) 

well today, was at APIIT and a friend introduced me and a few others to this set of YouTube videos called the Productive Muslim videos.. this is a set of vdos buy a few guys with the intention of spreading islam in the correct way and in a much simpler way.. so with ramadan, these guys apparently came up with a series called the Productive Ramadan Animation series.. which is a series of a few vdos.. animated vdos.. very short. 1 min max.. saying sumthing in such a way that hits u ryt on the head and makes u realize ur mistakes..

pretty gud set of vdos so thought of sharing it here so that you guys can also chk them out.. click the Read More button below to chk out the vdos and pls do learn a lesson from it and do sumthing at least in the next 8 days k!!

got something on my mind that i need to write about.. will write on it once i finish my research on that topic.. should be this weekend insha allah.. so till then, enjoy the videos..

hope you enjoyed the videos and learnt a lesson from them...


Saturday, August 6, 2011

காதலித்து பார்....

kaathaliththu paar.. காதலித்து பார்... which roughly translates into "try falling in love with someone" a poem by 6 times Best Lyricist Indian National Award winner "Kaviperarasu" Vairamuthu..

this poem is about how you feel and what will happen to you when you fall in love.. as always Vairamuthu has expressed the feelings that happen in a way that any normal person who is not even in love will understand the feelings... 

you may be wondering why I have posted this song and written a post on this song.. well its nothing except for the fact that certain events happening around me are coinciding with this poem.. i can see how my friends are doing and when relating them to this poem see how much of this is true.. 

the lovely verses that Vairamuthu has penned just expresses the feelings and situations exactly as it is in a common generalized form... certain verses say exactly what can happen.. for example the last few lines which go like காதலித்து பார். சொர்க்கம், நரகம், இரண்டில் ஒன்று, இங்கயே நிச்சயம்.. which means "Try to love someone... you can experience heaven or hell in this world for sure" which is true upto 99.99% i would say.. gosh.. the things that certain people go thru after falling in love is just pathetic at some times and also i feel sorry at sometimes for them..

so for all those who are in love.. who were in love.. and especially for all those who are planning to fall in love.. i dedicate this poem to you guys.. 

below ive made some lines into italics to say that they are some of the lines that touched me most!!

காதலித்து பார்,
உன்னை  சுற்றி  ஒளிவட்டம் தோன்றும்,
உலகம்  அர்த்தப்படும்,
ராத்திரியில் நீளம்  விளங்கும் ,
உனக்கும்  கவிதை  வரும் ,
கையெழுத்து  அழகாகும்,
தபால்காரன்  தெய்வம்  ஆவான் ,
உன்பிம்பம்  விழுந்தே  கண்ணாடி  உடையும் ,
கண்ணிரெண்டும் ஒளிகொள்ளும் ,
காதலித்து  பார்...

தலையணையை  நனைப்பாய் ,
மூன்று முறை பல் துலக்குவாய்,
காத்திருந்தால் நிமிஷங்கள் வருஷம் என்பாய்,
வந்துவிட்டால் வருஷங்கள் நிமிஷம் என்பாய்,
காக்கை கூட உன்னை கவனிக்காது,
ஆனால் இந்த உலகமே உன்னையே கவனிப்பதை உணர்வாய்,
வையிற்றிட்கும் தொண்டைக்குமை உருவமில்லா உருண்டை ஒன்று உருளைக் காண்பாய்,
இந்த வானம், இந்த அந்தி, இந்த பூமி, இந்த பூக்கள் எல்லாம் காதலை கவரவிக்கும் ஏற்பாடுகள் என்பாய்,
காதலித்து பார்...

இருதயம் அடிக்கடி இடம் மாரித்துடிக்கும்,
நிசத்த அலைவரிசைகளில் உனது குரல் மட்டும் ஒளிபரப்பாகும்,
உன் நரம்பே நான் ஏற்றி,
உனக்குள்ளே அம்பு விடும்,
காதலில் திரைச்சீலையை காமம் கிழிக்கும்,
ஹார்மோன்கள் நைல் நதியாய் பெருக்கெடுக்கும்,
உதடுகள் மட்டும் சஹாரா வாக்கும்,
தாகங்கள் சமூத்திரமாகும்,
பிறகு கண்ணீர் துளிக்குள் சமூத்திரங்கள் அடங்கும்,
காதலித்து பார்...

பூக்களில் மோதி மோதி உடைந்து போக உன்னால் முடியுமா,
அஹிம்சையும் இம்சையை அடைந்ததுண்டா,
அழுகின்ற சுகம் அறிந்ததுண்டா,
உன்னையே உனக்குள்ளே புதைக்கத் தெரியுமா,
சபையில் தனிமையாகவும்,
தனிமையை சபையாக்கவும்,
உன்னால் உண்ணுமா,
அத்வைதம் அடையவேண்டும,
ஐந்தங்கள் இடைவெளியில் அமிர்தமிருந்தும்,
பட்டினி கிடந்தது பழகியதுண்டா,
காதலித்து பார்...

சின்ன சின்ன பரிசுகளில் சிலக்கமுடியுமே - அதற்காகவேனும்,
போலன்களை வர்த்தி புதுப்பிக்க முடியுமே - அதற்காகவேனும்,
ஆண் என்ற சொல்லுக்கும்,
பெண் என்ற சொல்லுக்கும்,
அகராதியில் ஈரத அர்த்தங்கள் விளங்குமே - அதற்காகவேனும்,
வாழ்ந்துகொண்டே சாகவும் முடியுமே,
செத்துக்கொண்டே வாழவும் முடியுமே - அதற்காகவேனும்,
காதலித்து பார்..

சம்ப்ரதாயம் சட்டை பிடித்தாலும்,
உறவுகள் உயிர் பிரிந்தாலும்
விழித்துப்பார்க்கையில் உன் திருக்கல் கலவுபோயிருந்தாலும்,
ஒரே ஆணியில் இருவரும் சக்கனச்சிளுவுகள் அரயப்பட்டலும்,
நீ நீசிக்கும் அவனோ அவளோ உன்னை நேசிக்க மறந்தாலும்,
காதலித்து பார்.
சொர்க்கம், நரகம், இரண்டில் ஒன்று,
இங்கயே நிச்சயம்..

காதலித்து பார்..

Hope you guys liked the poem.. i would like to leave you all with a quote which goes like " Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion."


Friday, July 15, 2011

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே!!!!

its been a hell of a day today... and after certain incidents that happened today, and listening to this song, just touched me really so well.. i just appreciate this song soo much now... so i thought of writing a post on this song and my thought on this.. 
all of you guys by now probably have heard this song.. its a very popular song now and with the acclaimed lyricist Vairamuththu winning an Indian National Award for this song, it jst go even more hit!! after a very long time, Vairamuththu had come of with a very touching and nice song.. all his songs are awesome but then there are certain songs of his that just strike the right cord to everyone... this is that kind of a song..

at first hearing this song sounds like a boring song.. but then listening to the song with the lyrics, it just makes you appreciate the song, as well as the lyricist.. what you appreciate even more after listening deeply to this song is your mother and most of all your own life.. 

there is no doubt that Vairamuththu is the best out there.. but then in this song.. the way he has lyricized the song... the way he says how much of a pain a mother endures to care for her child jst gives the song the extra bit of support needed to touch the listeners..

first you can listen to the song and then go thru the lyrics of it posted below and then ill tell you what i think about it all...

கள்ளிக்காட்டில்  பிறந்த  தாயே  
என்ன  கொல்லோடசி  வழர்த்த  நீயே
முல்லுகாட்டில்  முளைச்ச தாயே
என்ன முள்ளு  தைக்க  விடல நீயே

காடிக்கும்  காடு  குரிவிகும்  
எந்த  புதரிலும்  இடமுண்டு...
கோடிக்கும்  அடிக்கும்  குளிருக்கும்
தாயி  ஒதுன்கதான்  இடமுண்டா?.
கரட்டு  மேடையே  மாத்துனா
அவ  கள்ளபுளிஞ்சி  காஞ்சி ஊத்துனா
கரட்டு மேடையே மாத்துனா
அவ கள்ளபுளிஞ்சி காஞ்சி ஊத்துனா

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே
முல்லுகாட்டில் முளைச்ச தாயே
என்ன முள்ளு தைக்க விடல நீயே 

ஒலவு காட்டுல  வேத  வேதபாஹ்
ஒனகரடுல  கூழ்  குடிப்பாஹ்
அவாரன்-குலையில கை துடைபாஹ்
வெளி முள்ளில்  அவ வேரகேடுபாஹ்
நாழி  அரிசி  வச்சு  ஓலையரிப்பாஹ்
புள்ள  உண்ட  மிச்சம்  உண்டு  உசூர்  வழர்பாஹ்
கிழக்கு  விடியும்  முன்ன  முளிக்குராஹ்
அவ ஓலைக்க  பிடிச்சுதான்  தேரகுராஹ்
மன்ன  கிண்டித்தான்  போலைகிராஹ் 
உடல்  மக்கிபோக  மட்டும்  ஒழைகுராஹ் 

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே .....

தங்கம் தனி  தங்கம்  மாசு -இல்ல
தாய்ப்பால்  ஒன்னில்  மட்டும் தூசு  இல்ல
தாய்வழி  சொந்தம்  போல  பாசமில
நேசமில்ல  ...
தாயி  கையில்  என்ன மந்திரமா 
கேப்பகளியில்  ஒரு  நெய் -ஒழுகும்
காஞ்ச  கருவாடு  தென் -ஒழுகும்
அவ  சமைகயில..
சொந்தம்  நூறு  சொந்தம் இருக்குது
பேத தாயி போல ஒன்னு நெலைகுதா??
சாமி  நூறு சாமி  இருக்குது
தாயி ரெண்டு  தாயி இருக்குதா??

கள்ளிக்காட்டில் பிறந்த தாயே
என்ன கொல்லோடசி வழர்த்த நீயே 

now listening to the song, Vijya Prakash has sung this song with so much passion and love that the song just gives you the feel and makes you listen to it over and over again.. while writing this post i think ive probably played the song around 10 times by now.. 

like i said before, Vairamuththu has written this so awesomely.. saying how precious a mother is.. how much a mother goes through.. the pain, the sorrow, the hardships all in the name of giving her child a better life... its simply awesome......

in this song, ive got two favourite lines or rather verses.. the one which says தங்கம் தனி  தங்கம்  மாசு -இல்ல, தாய்ப்பால்  ஒன்னில்  மட்டும் தூசு  இல்ல, தாய்வழி  சொந்தம்  போல  பாசமில, நேசமில்ல... which translates to Pure Gold is not adulterated.. like that only the mothers milk is the purest food... there is nothing compared to the love of the mother... just says it all doesnt it.. 

and then comes சொந்தம்  நூறு  சொந்தம் இருக்குது, பேத தாயி போல ஒன்னு நெலைகுதா??, சாமி  நூறு சாமி  இருக்குது, தாயி ரெண்டு  தாயி இருக்குதா?? which translates to you may have a hundread relatives, but is there a relative to you like your mother.. there are hundreads of seperate gods out there.. but is there two different mothers?? which again says it all.. as in.. in our young lives, we tend to thing of our mothers as you know just another person.. and think that friends are all that we need.. but there there are times where even your bestest friend may look and just wait while you need help.. friendship is just a relationship that we humans create.. but the relationship between a mother and a child is what god creates.. and that is why it is so special.. never can a mom giv the same affection and love she gives to her child to another child.. even if she had adpoted the child as a infant and raised the child all her life, she will still nt feel satisfied... that is hw strong a mothers love is.. 

listening to this song just gives me one message.. appreciate your life.. and appreciate your mother... coz you may be having a successful life out there but you should remember than you mother had gone throught so much pain so raise you.. be thankful to that.. even if your mother is someone who abandoned you at an early age, know that he bore you for 9 months and brought you out safely into this world before leaving you.. so appreciate that.. 

with that said, i feel like listening to the song again.. so ill leave you with a quote by Terri Guillemets which say "I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine - she helps me grow, prosper, and reach great heights."


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google + | Google's Yet Another Attempt at Social Networking

Its been almost a week now since Google, one of the biggest tech company in the World and the Market leader in Web Search launched their next attempt at Social Networking.. Google Plus.. 

most of you guys out there might be wondering why I said "Yet Another Attempt" in my title.. well this isnt the first time for Google.. as far as my knowledge goes and as far as I found out, Google's first attempt at Social Networking was way back in 2004.. exactly 11 days before the now famous Facebook started.. this service of Google was launched under the name Orkut. its been 7 yrs nw since they launched and its actually been doing pretty good.. Orkut hasnt captured the world over but surely has captured two of the largest markets Brazil n India from where they get majority of the 100million+ users.. Orkut is pretty much doing good.. I too had an account in there.. but I dont remember the last time i logged into that thing except before writing this post to check on whats happening there.. its nt bad. still hav the profile pic that i uploaded for the very first time... layout's pretty neat.. but only god knows why Orkut failed to capture the world's attention..

with that said, 6 yrs after launching Orkut, Google attempted yet again to break into the Social Networking market which was now mostly dominated by Facebook with the launch of Google Buzz in February 2010. Pretty neat feature to embed the social networking with the email service of Google's email service, Gmail. But then that was a total failure. Wonder who designed the Buzz architecture but who ever that was seriously damaged Google's reputation regarding data privacy with all the controversy that poped up after the launch which led to the service ending up as a flop although google never stopped the service but just continued with it just like it did with Orkut.. 

with all that going on the world from Google, rumors started spreading in early 2011 if im not wrong about a new and improved Social Networking service from Google that would pose as a real threat to Facebook. And loadz of information started leaking out at various times about this so called "awesome" social networking service.. but true to their word Google kept their word saying it was not a new and separate social networking service, but it was just adding a "social layer" to their existing services along with a few new features.

now lets talk about Google+ and what are the pro's and con's of google+ and what impact an google+ have on social networking. 

firstly it should be noted that the service is from Google.. what is it that Google cant do on the web.. Google pretty much controls at least 50% of an average computer user's online time... search, email, video.. name it, they got it.. and like the the CEO of Google said at a press meetup sumtime back, Google+ is not a separate social network service but a "social layer" to existing google services.. pretty much what happens here is that all google's existing services will be connected together and brought under so a person who uses more than one service is connected to the other at all times.. it is said thru research publications that an average user spends at least 30 mins a day on facebook.. but this is not going to be the case with G+.. since users dont have to specifically be on one domain to be using the site.. work on your email, do your web search, organize ur calendar or even work on your documents and still be connected to your social network... while typing an email on gmail, if your frnd posts sumthing n tags you on it, u immediately get a notification and you dont even need to leave your email page coz its simple as that to just get a small popover in your browser and view it and close it and continue with your work. this way users are probably going to spend hours on G+..

one thing that many people dont realize is that Google is not anymore a "Search" only service. Google its more than that.. google is a service provider with loadz of services.. this is a major disadvantage for google.. the fact that people or rather noobs still dont know what google is exactly about.. pretty much same case with microsoft.. many think its only the operating system but no one knows that microsoft even has a freaking download manager software.. 

now with that said, and with the launching of G+, it is true that Google is gonna have a tough time trying to get the message out there clearly on what exactly G+ is and in what way it is unique.. ive personally read quite a few articles abt G+ but no one seems to have noted the fact that G+ is a social layer rather than a social networking service. almost 99% of them say its a social network and its not so different from facebook but look at it from a different angle..  this is gonna be a big advantage for google, provided that people out there understand the concept properly. be honest to yourself.. would you waste 30 mins of your life on one site doing pretty much what can be done there only.. or do what you want on 10 different sites and still be connected to your frnds? i would prefer the second option and many working people would also prefer the same.. 

on the other hand, now a days most of the social networking site namely facebook, myspace, linkedin all have a very very very complicated layout. for example on FB, if you want to create privacy settings, u pretty much need at least 4-5 hrs to get everything arranged.. get ur frndlists made.. then understand what each setting is in the privacy settings page.. n then make all that.. its too messy. an average user will rather leave the profile open than wasting time on doing all the settings or get sum1 who knws all that to do it for them (FYI ive done privacy settings for so many frnds so i knw wat im talking abt).. linkedin if u c, its totally messed up.. u dont knw where each thing is.. only good and simple social networking service ive seen out there upto now is Twitter. simple. easy to use.. n awesome.. i dont think some of G+ features seem to b having a FB + twitter combination with their own flavour added..

and next.. be fair... what ever that can be done on a social networking service is already 80% or so out there.. if you cant call G+ being copycats.. i mean calling G+ copycats n copying from FB is lyk saying the english alphabet can be patented to one person.. i mean.. english is a language which millions or rather billions use.. and its jst different dialects n accents of it our out there.. same thing with social networking.. its a service.. anyone can come up with the service.. but what matters is how it is differentiated.. after all, FB cant call themselves innovative can they?? after all Mark Zuckerberg hijacked an idea off the Winklevoss twins when in College.. so its not innovative of Mark but its a crime and then settling the case for undisclosed amounts..

i read in one article saying that FB has 500 million users and that it will take ages for G+ to pass FB's user base.. and another i read saying that G+ has already passed FB's userbase since G+ is jst a social layer n that all google accounts are eligible to activate it and that google has almost a billion accounts.. i actually kinda agree with the second theory.. G+ already has millions of users.. its jst a matter of google publicly allowing all google accounts to switch on the social layer.. and my bet is that at least 75% of those accounts will activate it.. so that makes it doesnt in..

in addition to that, one big advantage that G+ has is Android.. Google's own mobile operating system.. running in over 1000 different products and used by more than 100 million ppl and with a growth rate of 500000 every day.. with the OS, google has the potential to add G+ to the OS jst lyk wat Microsoft is nw trying to do with Live Services n Windows 8. done that and the user base will increase even more provided that the users buying the new devices are not google account holders. with platform in hand and a powerful brand in hand its just a matter of bringing out the right products to make it a hit in the market.

with all this said, a clear judgement cannot be made.. FB is at its peak at the moment.. 6 yrs after it launched, now they are with 750million active users.. G+ is just less than a month old and still in trial testing period.. and within that period itself there is probably a million or close to that number of users in there.. only time can tell if G+ is successful or not as there is a looooot of scope for G+ in terms of development n growth as said above.

as my personal verdict, i find G+ more easier to use and also interesting.. may b becoz im bored with FB or rather im used to google products.. but one thing that attracts me more to G+ and other google services is the simple n elegant design..

with all that said.. i think its time to go and watch G+'s growth and see what impact its gonna do in the web. it may take some time.. but then accept the fact.. its taken 6 yrs for FB to get 750 million users.. give atleast 4-5 yrs for G+ to see if G+ will remain as G+ or will become G-

and if anyone out there want G+ invites, comment ur email address and ill send one to you..

have a nice day then..


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Update on Life Happenings in the past few weeks

so its been quite a loooooong time since I blogged and so I decided to take some time off today and put something up.. well jst to say that yeah im still living... and yeah im still having a straight mind.. and to just put out some stuff that's been happening in my life..

well its been some hectic time during the past few weeks.. submissions, study sessions, exams and the list goes on and on and on... sigh.. surprised that I got thru all that and still standing straight with a clear mind..

with the end of the World Cup 2011 and the IPL also starting and taking up much precious "study time" of ordinary students that too came to and end jst to start the SL tour of england... and its been cricket.. cricket.. and cricket all along.. and simply love it..

and so wats happening with my education.. nothing much.. had some hectic weeks with back to back assignment submissions.. and then presentations... thank god it all went well... and all because i had a pretty awesome set of team members... and like always, everyone worked together.. best part was in one of the presentations my system shouldnt work but it miraculously worked god knows hw.. and then the exams.. seriously i have a problem with studying for exams.. will write a separate post on exams and studying for them later on.. but then was able to manage the exams in a pretty easy way except for one last subject but still im hopeful of getting gud grades..

and with that starts the event organizing... one thing i love to do except for meddling with computers.. my former job of organizing events at college n nw, thanks to the Student Activity Club of APIIT, im able to continue with that here too.. and simply loving the experience so far.. first event coming up this weekend and so hope it will be a resounding success.. then the second event comes a few weeks later and hope thats also a pretty big success...

and along with all this, the 3rd semester also starts.. Java, SDP, Networking, Telecom.. hope this is gonna be a good semester too.. first 2 sems were awesome.. hope to finish the 3rd sem the same way.. and thanks to my good frnd n brotha Rifaz at APIIT for helping out with the assignments..

and some pretty good movies out too during the last few months.. Fast Five.. another awesome movie in the series.. love the races n the tac-tics.. then came Kung Fu Panda.. OMG!!! love that bloody movie.. Jack Black shud b awarded with the best voice over for a animated character coz he plays it sooo damn well.. and the scriptwriters.. gotta give them all the bloody awards... a must watch these 2 movies are..

any way.. so long upto now.. got loadz more work to do.. got Age of Empires 3 today.. gotta chk that out n c if my gaming skills r still intact... its been almost 5yrs since i played a game with so much seriousness.. gotta see wat can b done nw..

so long now..

hope u guys have an awesome time..


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rio 2011

ok so when i say Rio im pretty sure no one out there is gonna get the impression that im talking abt Rio de Janeiro where the FIFA World Cup is to be held in 2014 but im talking about the box office hit movie Rio!!!

few days back i had the privilege of watching Rio... and what can i say.. it jst fulfilled my expectations for a good animated movie after a long time..

the graphics was awesome.. a nice storyline.. and the music just mind blowing... the comedy... the way the film has been made all just proves that animated movies can also do a good job..

basically the movie is about an endangered bird who is taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to mate with the female of it and the adventures that the bird goes thru in the city of Rio...

its amazing at certain times to see what love can do you see.. true love also exists in animals.. not only with humans this movie shows.. but we all know the bitter truth that true love is very rarely seen in humans these days compared to animals... what animals do at times to protect their loved ones... altho the movie is a comedy movie, it also gives a deep meaning or rather a lesson out to everyone...

the movie at start is kinda boring.. i would say the first 10 or 20 mins.. but then after that you wont even realize that the time is passing coz it gets sooo interesting...

so without dragging much, jst telling u.. go and watch the bloody movie... but watch it only if ur into comedy, animation and some fun!! lyk action movies only?? this is definitely nt for u..

so my rating for this movie is 7/10... 3 reduced for certain mistakes here n there n for certain logical contradictions... but then overall, its a family entertainer.. go and watch it!!