Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sri Lanka and Porn

hey there...

well might be wondering what exactly this post is all about eh?? it also something out of the box from the kind of posts that i post..

well nothing much.. in the recent past there has been a lot of talk in SL about porn or rather pornography... especially internet porn. of course i dont think i need to tell you what porn is eh? if you dont know then its better that you stop reading now and go and find out what porn is and then come back.

well all this "halabaloo" in the country started if im not wrong last year.. when the government decided to start banning porn websites in Sri Lanka as they apparently wernt good for the Sri Lankan culture and etc etc.... and starting this year the police along with the TRC have started banning porn websites... that too in batches of 50 or 100... good.. very good... then there were news reports during last week where local porn actors and actresses were identified and their photos published on newspapers and apparently few of them were arrested by the police with public help.. 

good.. very good.. BUT.. lets get to the point. why ban porn in Sri Lanka. And is there any use in it? how effective is this measure?? what are the impacts?? lets discuss...

first.. why BAN porn?? good question.. but the answer is they never banned porn now.. pornography as long as i know was always banned in Sri Lanka. In this country where culture and traditions are valued more, i guess no one would appreciate the idea of two unknown teenagers or young adults having a private moment eh?? its true that its not their business but then hey.. we live in Sri Lanka!!! we always think of others and assess if what others are doing is correct or not ryt!! we are not in US or UK when by 15, guys n gals leave their parents and find their own place to stay!! we live in SL where even at 30 or 40 you still live with your parents!! so i guess porn wasnt supported since old ages and has always been banned.. except that like in every other matter, the law was not looked upon very much! no one cared about the law. so it flourished!! after all, we Sri Lankans do have a reputation to copy foreigners and their cultures dont we?? so we try to do what they do. Porn may be legal in those countries but then here down in SL, to my best knowledge it isnt... so the question of why banning it is answered..

now that we know that porn is banned.. is there any use in it?? well i mean yes there is a use... try to build a better cultured society eh?? but do we really care?? i mean this is similar to drugs... yes its banned.. but then isnt it in circulation or being used by the people?? i mean, seriously.. think abt this.. is banning a thing the solution to this kind of viral problem?? drugs?? did the ban help?? rather it keeps growing!! same theory here.. guy who was visiting one website all these time may visit 20 other sites after one site is blocked as he found new ones.. so any use in banning it?

in my personal opinion, this banning porn websites story is just a make up story.. i mean banning isnt going to work. these stuff are what should be taught morally. yes it is true that every person would go thru that stage where he/she gets the interest.. its human nature.. but then to control it.. thats wat needs to be taught.. morally.. parents.. school.. elders.. tell the kids what these are.. why these are wrong.. priests and pastors.. tell the gathering why these are wrong.. explain to them the situation and what the impacts of these will be in the context of a SRI LANKAN society!!! make them understand.. then this will stop naturally.. instead of this, we in this society think that even talking about this is a sin!! when schools try to educate children, parents go mad and start protesting.. THIS IS BASIC EDUCATION!!! THE CHILD NEEDS THESE TO UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE!! we live in a society where all these stuff like rape and abuse is at a high level.. 76 year old grandfathers raping their own grand daughters... what is this?? did the grandfather learn all this by watching porn 60 years ago?? what cow dung is this!! if the grandfather and the grand daughter had been taught about this, both would have known the impact. the old guy would have known its wrong while the girl would have known how to identify the situation and escape from it!! but what do we do?? stop people teaching these.. god!!! wonder how exactly this is going to help!! make your own decision!

next lets talk on how effective these measures are.. i mean seriously.. do you believe that banning a few sites is going to work?? according to a new item published on Ada Derana website 2 days back, it says that the Police n TRC have taken measures to ban 800 (eight hundred) websites ( I did a simple research on the internet.. nothing much.. just to find out how many porn websites are there on the internet. you probably would be surprised at the number if your not a person who is much into how the internet works.. the number is.. 4200000 ( four million two hundred thousand) according to a research done sometime back. probably in 2009 i guess. this accounted for 12% of all the websites available on the internet.. and the 800 sites we have banned in Sri Lanka accounts to only 0.019% of the 4.2million sites.. in addition to this 2500000000 (two billion five hundred million) EMAILS containing pornography is sent EVERY DAY!!! 42.7% of all internet users access porn!!! and banning EIGHT HUNDRED sites?? are we joking or what?? who is fooling who?? who is the police and the TRC trying to impress by giving this news items on banning "few" websites??
furthermore.. banning sites.. is this practical?? i mean will the ISP banning a website result in the user not being able to view the site?? of course not!! the user still can view the website.. a simple search in Google for a "proxy browsing" will turn up thousands of websites from which you can access banned websites.. so whats the use of banning this?? decide for yourselves..

impact? lol.. do we even need to talk about this topic?? clearly we can understand that this is just a measure taken to please some people.. not in the common interest of people. first think practically.. in Sri Lanka, less than 50% of the population have access to internet. out of that 50% only around 25% would probably be watching porn on the internet. and whats the use of banning these sites when they still have 4 million other sites that they still can access??

guess its time to start thinking eh???

think think... at least lets hope we can make a change in the future!!!!


P.S. go to if you want more statistics on internet pornography. all the above used stats were taken from there!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

11/11/2010 - The Day That Colombo Went Underwater!!

its been long since i wrote so decided to write something to write!! and indeed its a very interesting topic to write about!!! and as the title suggests im writing abt the day that Colombo, the Financial Capital of Sri Lanka was submerged in water after just 10 hrs of rain!!!

what a day it was!! it all started on the 10th of November at around 8.00pm i guess when it started with a mild rain and then the thundering started.. along came the lightening also which is obvious (:P)... then the rain started to grow gradually... by around 11.00pm the thundering and lightening stops but not the rain which shows no signs of stopping... colombo goes to sleep... come next day and colombo wakes upto the news that Colombo has come to a half halt as many areas in Colombo have gone underwater due to the rain... roads all blocked.. schools closed after children come to skool in the morning for the term tests (term tests for public skools were to start on this day).. offices closed.. vehicles floating here and there and sum stuck in the flood (apparently including Cricket Team skipper Sanga's vehicle) and people trying to get along with day to day life among all these "halabaloo"... 

so wat exactly happened?? jst 10 hrs of rain and colombo coming under water?? WOW!! last time Colombo was underwater was in 1992 and that too after 2 days of rain.. but this time.. jst 10 hrs and its all down!!! all the way down from panadura to kelaniya and to kotte, nugegoda, every bloody place was flooded..!!

simple answer is this.. improper urban development... unplanned development of land.. what else?? filling up every small piece of land that is available for the water to go into and also hardening the ground with concrete to build big building.. when this happens there is no way for the water to go.. canals are filed by dumping garbage in them... so water cant flow that way either.. drains all blocked with building over them... its actually hard to see a proper flowing drain in colombo these days.. so how can the rain water just flow off eh?? it starts to get stagnated and then its flood!!

so i guess its no use talking... blaming the current government is no use coz every bloody government that came into power is responsible for this!!

thankfully i wasnt much affected due to this (except dat i cudnt use the computer n internet all night due to the thunder n lightening).. but got loadz of frnds whose houses were flooded n all.. 

so lets hope that at least those in power realize the seriousness of this situation n take some action.. jst cleaning the canals wudnt do i suppose!! much more has to be done...

so with that said, i guess its time to wind up.. weekend starts n time to hit the bed for sum quality sleeping sessions n sum meet ups wit frnds..

hit the Read More button below to chk out some pics of the situation yesterday... mostly collected through news websites and email messages.. 

so long...



The Parliament Road Submerged in water
MP's Coming to the Parliament
An Armored Car bringing in other MP's to the Parliament
The Parliament of Sri Lanka ( WOW )

MP's getting down from the Military vehicles at the Parliament!!