Sunday, August 29, 2010


Now, this is kind of an unusual post, but then, its something important...

In January this year, one of India's most popular TV channel called Vijay TV broadcast a program called the "Vithai - Oru Kodi, Oru Thudakkam" (or sumthing lyk that). This program was for the launch of a foundation called the Agaram Foundation by South Indian movie star Surya Sivakumar.. This program was where Surya had gathered around 10 of his friends and known people and collected One Million Indian Rupees worth of cash from these donors to initiate a program where the foundation would find students in the Tamil Nadu State who want to continue their higher education but are deprived of this chance due to financial difficulties and sponsor them.. That day when I was watching this program, I was wondering, India, especially Tamil Nadu state is HUGE.. how in the world are they going to do this.. but something in the back of my head was saying, this is going to be done... Surya on that program said that they would bring out the first batch of students in June this year which was just 5 months later..

Come this August 15, India's Independence Day, Vijay TV broadcast 2 programs called "Vithai".. One showing how the Agaram Foundation did the tremendous work in the past 6 months and the other was a program where most of the donors, the volunteers, the students who have been selected and their parents participated in one place and a discussion among them.. first let me say that 158 students were selected for this first batch of scholarship. And that 158 was selected out of the 4000+ applications that were received.

You know, it actually makes you think, if he can do it, why cant we?? there is that gut feeling you know.. although I live in Sri Lanka, in this country too, there are 1000's of people who are deprived of higher education opportunities and all that.. its kind of a feeling that cant be expressed in words you see..

any way, back to the topic, six months later, there have been millions of donations that have come to the foundation. Even smaller scale businesses like people who sell flowers along the roadside had sent them small amounts of cash according to Surya who is the founder of this foundation.. That is the kind of impact that this foundation made. I was just amazed. ONE MAN.. ONE IDEA.. all he had was the BELIEF that it COULD be done.. and with the correct people to help, has started going in the path towards success.. The program will surely melt even a guy with a heart like a stone.. such emotional program.. There was this student who's both parents work in a quarry breaking stones for a living and to break a tractor full of stone, earn only 150 Indian rupees.. and even in that condition they wanted to see that their son becomes a doctor.. although the son has just gained the university entrance thanks to the Agaram scholarship, his mother proudly calls him Dr.xxxxx (dont know his name for sure).. There was another lady who said that she doesnt mind even if her daughter doesnt marry, all she wants is to see that her daughter studies, becomes an engineer and can stand on her own leg.. Out of all this, the best story that really took me was that of a student who had come first in his village or something like that.. He was a really poor student who had qualified to get the scholarship and also got the university entrance.. then a few days later, there had been a prize giving at his school where he was awarded a prize of 100000 Indian rupees.. but this student, without spending it, gave it all to the Agaram Foundation so that there would be some other student who can benefit from it. This is the kind of mentality that should be there with those receiving scholarships.. They should keep in mind when they become big guns in the world that they achieved that position due to some other persons generosity.. So they should also give something back to those.

Donors must be mentioned especially in this place.. All this wouldnt have been possible without the support of the donors.. Money is something that you earn with lots of hardships and dedication etc.. But there should be an even better heart to donate money for services such as this. In the program they welcome this lady who just gave one million indian rupees by just a phone call.. reason being, she too was one person who got education because another person was kind enough to support her. these are real stories... just makes the heart melt you see.. like i said before, the feeling just cant be expressed in words.

Without talking must, I would suggest that you watch the program yourselves.. Its just so emotional. Thanks to youtube, the programs are available to watch later on.. so below are the video for you guys to watch..

WATCH and LEARN... one IDEA can make a DIFFERENCE if you just BELIEVE in it..



just watching this program and just waiting wont help. Like I said before, believe in what you do and do what you can so that the society also gain something out of it...


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bandaranaike International Airport

Bandaranaike International Airport or also known as Katunayake International Airport is the one and only International Airport of Sri Lanka (for now actually till the Hambantota one is built and completed and starts operation in Jan 2012). We all see pics of Airports around the world and look at the beauty of this airport.. We wonder why can Sri Lanka, the country that we all love cant match these standards... But then, who cares how those big airports are eh?? We are SRI LANKANS!!! We should be PROUD of what we have... there are countries around the world who dont even have an airport.. but then we have our own... Lets be proud of that shall we??

found some pics of our Airport on the web and thought I'll share it with all of you... copyright for these pics belong to those who own these pictures.. if you know the owner of these pictures, please let me know so that I can give due credit those guys for taking these wonderful pictures.. hats off to the photographers for showing to the world that we too have an airport....

click on the pics to view large versions...

enjoy these for now... more coming after i find another lot!!!
always appreciate what you have... nt wat u dont have...