Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Wishing all my friends and family a very happy and peaceful Eid-ul-Adha


Sunday, November 22, 2009


After a long bus ride through the suburbs or Colombo from Maradana to Dehiwala (took da 176), finally reached home after an hour and 45mins. Now jst logged into the net and thought of posting this as i havnt posted n e thing for a long time uh!!!

So back to the main topic. Obviously, by now you all must have heard and some even watched the movie called "2012". A movie that uses the Mayan Predictions and other predictions and theories about the 21st december 2012 doomsday to portray what exactly will happen, how the humans, specially the super powers in the world will react to this, and what will happen after the impact!!! Let me tell u this!! THIS IS ONE GOOD KICKASS MOVIE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT MISS TO WATCH AT ANY COST!!!

well... well... well... from what i would say, this movie is a movie that i didnt find any mistake at all or any kind of stupid stuff!!! needless to say it would be a shame to compare this movie with the latest harry potter movie which in my personal opinion sucks at the worst level while this movie is simple flawless!!

a thriller movie mixed with bits of romance, family love, humanity, comedy makes this movie stand out from any other movie!!!

Steven Spilberg became famous and was titled the man with the best imagination after the Lost World movies but now i think this title should be given to Roland Emmerich who is da director of this film!!! MAN!!!! u would see stuff that you wont even imagine and still see it as if it has actually happened!!! ever imagined a tsunami that would even go over the himalayas?? or the Capitol building in US collapsing??? or even more LA just breaking up into pieces??? a volcano thats so big that it creates an effect of a nuclear blast when it busts??

with over $235 million earn till now through ticket sales, the movie is going steadily!!


7.5/10 would be given as marks for this movie!!!

any way, long day, tired and got some other work also to do!!

so untill next time....