Wednesday, July 29, 2009

review of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

well guys, 2 days back i watched this movie and here is my review and rating on this movie.

first of all, i need to say that this movie was not upto what I expected. quite a lot of set backs. if you have already read the book then im sure you will be disappointed with the movie. and if you havnt read the book, then go ahead and watch it and you wont feel the difference.

well to start with, the movie is pretty much boring the whole time. watch it for 30 mins max and u myt feel lyk it would have been better to watch transformers or ice age 3. although like in the other HP movies, the graphics are really good and u wont see a difference between graphics and real stuff. but the storyline is SHIT i would say.

the movie looks lyk the script had been written after reading the adult version of the book rather than the normal one. more emphasis is given the affair between Ron and that other curly hair girl and also Hermione's feeling towards Ron and also of the affairs of Harry with Ginny and of Ginny's with some other guy(i dont remember the name). more screen time has been allocated for these scene rather than for quidditch. yes. u got me correct. quidditch scene add upto around 2 minutes of the whole movie where as these affair scenes of snogging and showing feelings etc add upto around 20 or 25 minutes.

next. lots of interesting scene have been taken off from the book.

in the book harry has a look at many memories of voldormot, but in the movie, if im not wrong, he sees only 3 out of which one is repeated so its jst two. memories such as where harry sees voldormots parents, harry's parents and certain memories like snape's memories are all missing.

another main part missing in the movies is guess what?? well its the Dursley's!! yes. the Dursley's are never seen in the movie. these guys are a vital part of the story line and missing them is kind of bad!

the joke shop of the weasley twins are shown for around 2 mins only. and also a new scene that has been added into the movie is that the death eaters burn down the house of the weasly's. its kind of sad to see that happen but i really doubt if that scene was needed in the movie.

not much of the Ministry of Magic is referred to in the movie although it does not make much of a difference.

the battle at Hogwarts in the end is missing. according to the director, this was removed to spice up the next movie lu. so hope the next movie includes this part in it.

and at the end where dumbledore gets killed. harry is not hiding under the invisible cloak but watches the scene from an underground level. this make the killing part not visible so much and only the curse hitting dumbledore and him falling from the balcony is shown.

and if you havnt already watched the movie then dont go expecting the most wanted scene in the movie which is dumbledore's funeral. yes. dumbledore's funeral is not there in the movie. the scene has been completely removed. and the directors comment on this is that "IT DOESNT FIT IN THE MOVIE". What the HELL??? its the most important part in the book and to say it doesnt fit in the movie is shit!!!

well that is much of what can be said on the movie. cant say much good of it coz there's so much minus's than plus's.

well review done and i would rate the movie a 3/10.

although I have said all this, i would not recommend u not to watch it. if ur a HP fan then pls do go and watch the movie.

Adios then!

Friday, July 24, 2009

is this what you call luck??

ok now. imagine ur self in a situation like this. you have an important meeting to attend at 3.00pm in kirulopane. u after all ur work at office, take ur lunch at 2.30 and at 2.40 u get into the bus at mount lavinia. then u get stuck at the traffic at the dehiwala junc and hav to wait around 10 mins to pass that place. jst as u think u pass that traffic jam, the cop catches the bus breaking a signal light and stops him to write a ticket. that takes around 5 mins and then the bus takes off again and jst as the driver takes off, he meets with an accident and the bus stops again. then u get pissed off and get down from the bus, stop another bus passing by and get into it and that bus doesnt go n e faster than lets say 40kmph! then u finally reach ur bus stand at 3 exactly and u have to take another bus to get to ur destination. but instead as ur late u take a trishaw and this person is worse. the fellow has a problem with his engine and cant speed up so it takes u 5 mins to get to the destination. and guess what?? UR LATE!!

this is exactly what happened to me today. well not meeting actually but for class right after skool. the time and events that occurred are all same and true.

damn. this is jst tiring like nothing.

and now writing it all down tires me more.

so adios for nw.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

life after skool!


it jst makes ur body shiver wen u even think of leaving skool. man. cant even stay at home during hols without doing n e thing and imagine leaving skool after being in it for more than 75% of every year for the past 13 yrs?? its lyk the second home and leaving it is lyk. man cant even explain it. well wat can v do uh? wen time comes, we have to leave and hence we leave.

well this topic jst came into my mind after one of our Old boys in college did a presentation to us during the current affairs session which surprisingly i didnt fall asleep today. reason being that the presentation was kind of interesting and of a different topic and not the usual career guidance and stuff (thx to da forum members for that).

well coming back to the topic, altho i expected him to speak on wat life is lyk after leaving skool and hw it feels and stuff, it was kind of different and made ppl think on the decisions u hav to make nw that ur abt to leave skool in a few yrs time.

"You have to dream before your dreams can come true."
"Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended"
both these above sayings were said by ex president of India and a great scientist Dr.Abdul Kalam.

Dream is the word. to achive in life, u need to dream. nt that u have to sleep all day and night and dream, but to have something in mind on wat u want to b or wat u want to achive and work towards it. this is sumthing that is very true. u need to dream. i used to dream and im still dreaming and im also working towards trying to achive my dream. u may face quite a lot of set backs such as ppl making fun or u, finance, help and support etc. but to overcome these and continue to strive towards achiveing ur dream, u will oneday achive it.

one example that the speaker said today abt a person who achived his dream after facing a life threatening set back is about Lance Armstrong. this 7 time Tour de France champion is known to many. this person who was diagnosed with sum kind of cancer while training had to withdraw from the competition. after he was saved from the cancer by the doctors he started training again and a few yrs later i suppose, he went to participate at the competition and won it and continued the winning pattern for 7 yrs continiously aftr which he took a rest of 3 yrs and is now back again on track.

c ppl lyk these r who shud b exposed to the ppl and motivational vdo's must b shown to ppl. not jst stupid movies where all the impossible stuff happen.

well i will stop here to make u guys think more on this topic. the following is a vdo that the speaker showd to us to end the speech. sharing it with u guys also so that u guys also cant watch it and get sum kind of motivation!

adios to u all then!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

rugby at its best!!

every where we go ooooo......
ppl come and ask us....
where the hell v come from....
we come from STC.....
lovely lovely STC....


T..H..O..R..A.. THORA!!!!

now being a Thomian for at least one yr or if you have jst entered skool and its almost an yr since then and not knowing the verses mentioned above then i dare say it would be better not to call your self a Thomian! these are verses that every thomian young and old should be knowing by heart. the very same words that are screamed at the top of their voices by all thomians wen the "Thora Spirit" is showcased. let it be cricket, let it be rugby, let it be swimming, hockey, or wat ever it is, if something that is exciting in a competition against the opposition happens, these words jst start flowing out of your mouth. few places where this can be witnessed is the cycle parade, the big match and certain rugby matches.

and talking of rugby, todays match between STC and Isipathana in the Finals of the Milo Knock Out Championships also know as the presidents sheild, was won by the boys of the school by the sea after showing their true sportsman ship and teamwork. the commitment shown by the players, the fans supporting it on the grounds as well as out of the grounds in the internet for example all add up to one thing. VICTORY!!

its no use talking much about it as everyone knows about the match by now. and if you dont, then i seriously am asking you this question "which bloody plannet are you living in ah?".

so after a tiresome day of competitions it has now come to an end. lyk the title of one of shakespears dramas (correct me if im wrong pls) which reads "Alls well that ends well", a day full of exiting and tiresome events has now come to an end. its now time to pull up the mattress and doze of!!

go to go watch transformers tomorrow hence adios!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rain and life!

hmmmm. so it rained heavily in Colombo after lets say almost 2 months i guess. and man it sure did rain heavily. the weather became so cold that v actually had to switch off the fans in our classrooms and also da AC at the tution class in da evening.

its always nice to see rain coming in, in a country like Sri Lanka where when its hot, it IS hot(let alone malaysia where wen its hot, its BURNING!). and specially when there is heavy rain with very less or no lightening at all, then its even more better as you get to enjoy the rain and its cool condition even more.

and also there is also kind of a health factor that prevails here ryt. wen it rains it for certain extent clears the garbage filled drains and there by the the current threat to ppl called "Dengue" is restricted a bit. but in da other side, when it rains, the water gets collected in some places and this in turn becomes a breading ground for mosquitoes which will inturn bring out dengue again. well talking about dengue, its a huge topic and i dont think much needs to b talked abt in here.

so long for now. go to go and do some work. got an event tomorrow. as an advisor to the president(he he he yes i am, but not the SL president), i need to be present with him to help him out at the event tomorrow.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


phew, its around 7.00pm now and for today, ive had quite a lot of work and now im EXHAUSTED!!

got up in the morning, got a letter done, got ready for school, got into school and all this was done in jst 45mins. yes 45mins. and getting there, thats starts the busy day for me. altho i thought it was a lucky day for me to get to skool in time, i had forgotten to take my presentation draft to my sir, and hell he was pissed off. had to do it all over again in skool during the computer period and sent it and informed sir that ive emaild it to him and he says that he doesnt have time to chk it out and is pissed with me more.

looks lyk now ive got to do sumthing to shape this all up and now trying to figure out a way to do it!


so so so,

ive always wanted to have my own blog, but never kept it alive. but now it just has got into me that i know think that i need to maintain my blog(sorry abt those "I"'s).

so here we go. now i have restarted my blog, and hope to blog often.

see you soon.